Why I Created This Blog

In my confusion and uncertainty (about everything), I looked at my bookshelf for a book to read that could give me rest . . . and maybe guidance.

Blue Like Jazz, my favourite book, by Donald Miller was going to be it. Don’s books are my go-to comfort books. They are like companions – listening ears and friends telling me I’m not alone.

But I’ve read his books so often; I looked for something different. I chose Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I’ve only read it once but I felt if I read it again, it would understand me like it did last time.

I flicked it open and on the fourth page I read the words ‘Tell the truth’ repeated three times. Guidance came in the form of this epigraph.

I don’t know why I’m starting this blog, but I know I want to tell the truth. The truth of what it’s like for me to exist and the way I see the world.

I realized this is the reason why I like Don’s and Liz’s books: They tell the truth. That’s how I connect with them. Through vulnerability.

I want to go there.

Why did you create your blog?


25 thoughts on “Why I Created This Blog

  1. I started my blog for a similar reason. I hope that I can make a difference in people’s lives through my experiences. I hope that my mistakes as well as my successes can be useful to other people! It was kind’ve scary to start the blog because that meant I had something worth saying. I’m glad I went for it!

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  2. I started my blog with similar intends. I love to write, although English is not even my native language. And by writing down what concerns me and stating my thoughts about it, may help also others who have comparable issues.

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  3. That is very interesting that you say that. I literally had the same thought not too long ago… “I just want to tell the truth.” Whatever that truth is to me and how I see it… I just want to tell it. It’s a scary thought, but liberating at the same time.

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  4. I started blogging because I needed tangible proof that I could put original thoughts together and publish them for others to experience. I have been “writing” for a long time. Much of my work has been lost on old word processor hard drives, thrown away by accident, or destroyed by Tide when I forgot to check the front pocket of my jeans for my thumb drive. Yes, I also tossed a lot of my writings in the trash on purpose. I have struggled most of my life with self-esteem and self-worth. I nearly drowned in the deep dark sea of addiction. Getting sober had to happen before I could begin to form coherent sentences, well-planned paragraphs, and believable prose. Poetry sort of saved my life. Blogging has afforded me the chance to be disciplined about my craft. Now that I no longer feel less-than, or inadequate, or fake, I am willing to take chances and let others read what I have to say. I work part-time at a public library, and I chair an artists and writers guild. I blog because my Muse has found his way to my fingertips. I hope you’ll hang around my blog for a while. I sure do intend to visit yours on a regular basis.


  5. There is a story inside each of us and in that story, the sounds of laughter, tears, and busy solitude, are wondrously expressed through words that touch us, teach us, comfort us, and amuse us. I look forward to reading more of your words. I appreciate your transparency.


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