What Do You Believe in 3 Words?

I saw this question posed by Elizabeth Gilbert on Twitter.

Her answer: Eat. Pray. Love.

I did a brainstorm to find my 3 words and came up with these: Love. Grow. Purpose.

A week ago they sounded great. But when I look at them now, they seem too lofty and vague. Words that I’d use to impress people with, to make me sound deep and like I’ve made it. They are idealistic ‘should’ words, words that always tell me how far I fall short of them.

I don’t want these words to be hang so far above my head. So I’m rethinking my words to find simple, practical and true words that are right in front of me.

This is what I do all the time: Think. Plan. Oblige.

This is what I want to do all the time: Read. Write. Draw.

And this is what I believe and live right now: Learn. Create. Give.

When I put it all together I get this: I’m a thinker, planner and obliger who believes in learning, creating and giving and loves to read, write and draw.

Wow, I’ve found my true words.

What are your 3 words?


24 thoughts on “What Do You Believe in 3 Words?

  1. Mine is: Advance. Logic. Love

    Advance because I don’t want to live a static life. I oblige myself to get better in each and every day.
    Logic, my true-nature (which because of it I often find myself suppresses my own emotions)
    The last one sounds so cheesy, love, because it simply is.


    1. Love it! I agree ‘love’ sounds so cheesy, but it’s so gritty and real and raw and awesome as an action and choose. And I can relate to the logic one, being a suppressor of emotions. Trying to get in touch with them now instead of being skeptical of them.


      1. At my age now, I think love is not similar to what I used to understand back in high school (or worse, the love that I learn from Disney movies). love requires actions, commitment, and courage. Only then it would not sound that cheesy anymore, in other words, love becomes real 😀

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  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    I believe it is important to know ourselves. Answering to the question: What are your three words? wasn’t easy. It took some thought. Many words appeared in front of me, but I was looking only for the raw ones. I wanted three words that were my essence.

    Stories. Nature. Wisdom.

    These speaks deep within me. They resonate to the outside and shine bright. They are my own promises, my own pledge. My commitment to myself.

    Stories are like magic to me. They bring me emotions and worlds and inspiration. They make me feel alive and they extend my lifetime and my personality.

    Nature is my role-model. In her I see love and perfection. I see beauty and balance. I see wisdom.

    Wisdom seeking is my path. I live to learn, to make mistakes and grow. Everything is a story, everything is a lesson.

    As you see, these three words can’t live apart. Took one out and I won’t be myself.


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