Why I Draw

newestpic 091

I showed some family members the pictures I’ve drawn.

‘You must lose yourself when you draw,’ one of my second cousins said.

‘No,’ I said, ‘it’s how I find myself.’

I was amazed when these true words came out.

I’m used to saying that I’d go crazy if I didn’t write. But now I can also say that I’d go crazy if I couldn’t draw. Sometimes when I can’t find the right words it’s easier to find a picture.

I grew up drawing and art was always one of my favourite subjects at school. But I was more of a realist drawer. I’d stare at a photo or an object and spend hours making my drawing look the same as the photo or object.

After high school I stopped drawing. It was too much effort to be a realist drawer and I was too much of a perfectionist to settle for anything that didn’t look real.

Then, last year, an artist named Alana Bosgra visited my town and shared her drawings about her life. She introduced me to a whole new world of art where I could express thoughts and feelings through drawing. Her surrealist, cartoonish style also showed me that I didn’t have to worry if proportions are out and stick figures are okay.

It freed me to draw simply for self-expression. That’s why I like drawing. It’s not about being perfect. I’m not worried about being judged. It’s just me sharing my journey.

My drawing journey seems to mirror my life journey. I’ve spent my life trying to be perfect, get things right and look okay. Now I just want to be me, express myself and share my truth.

Drawing is freeing. It helps me find myself.

Check out Lani’s Art and her Facebook page.

How do you find yourself?


10 thoughts on “Why I Draw

  1. So beautiful! I know how perfectionism gets in our way – I am so glad you met an artist who helped you find the freedom from it to give your art a voice again. God bless!


  2. It’s lovely to know that you have an outlet, something that inspires you and makes you happy. Tbh I find myself through my blog. I find myself writing something that I didn’t even realise was true until I’ve written it. And I love the freedom and power it gives me.


    1. I’ve heard so many times that people find themselves through their blogs. Me too!!! It’s a big reason why I love blogging – it’s so great. Writing really does teach me and show me things. Glad it helps you find yourself too.


  3. Love these! I was the same way when I was younger… drawing things to make them look exactly like the real thing. I love that you’ve wandered out of that box and can draw to find yourself! thanks for sharing!


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