What 3 Things Do You Want Most out of Life?

I read this question on page 30 of Eat Pray Love. It got me thinking like this:

At this very moment . . .

I don’t want a house. Owning a house isn’t something I think about. It doesn’t interest me. Having a room is fine. A house is too much money, anyway. If I had that much money I wouldn’t want to spend it on a house. I’d rather buy a library. I spend a lot of time planning, dreaming, and assessing my budget so I can buy books. But I never plan, dream, or assess my budget to buy a house.

I don’t want a nine-to-five job. I don’t even think I want a job where I work for someone else. The thought of being told how to spend my days, when to turn up, and when I can have holidays depresses me. I don’t want to be a person who looks forward to the weekend. I want to look forward to every day. I want to work. But I don’t want the typical nine-to-five model of work.

I don’t want to get married. The thought of getting married makes me feel like I’m in a prison. I don’t want to share a bed, or a doona, or even a room; I like my space. And I don’t want my actions to affect someone else so deeply. They already affect me too deeply. I don’t want to be a me-and-someone-else. I’m too overwhelmed trying to learn how to be with me to be able to try to be with someone else.

And if I ever did get married and have a wedding, I don’t want to wear white. I want to wear blue because that’s my favourite colour. I don’t want to do things just because everyone else does them or because it’s what society expects.

I don’t want kids. I don’t want to get up during the night to feed them or get up early to take them to school. Kids take a lot of effort, and I’d rather put my effort into creating art, serving the community and supporting a cause.

I don’t even want a car. I’d rather live in a society that didn’t need cars.

Part of me thinks this sounds selfish and childish. Do I need to get over myself and grow up? Sometimes I tell myself that’s what I need to do.

I know things might change but, honestly, if I’m going to embrace me, then I have to embrace the fact that right now I don’t want what most people around me want. I can’t wait to accept myself until I ‘grow up’ and my life looks like everyone else’s. Maybe one day I’ll want all these things I’m supposed to want, but I have to accept myself now.

If I was being all lofty and impressive, I’d say the 3 things I want most out of life are to glorify God, love people, and help bring heaven to earth.

But if I’m honest, at this very moment, what I want most is to read, write, and draw.

Combing these two lists might look like magic and be my truest answer.

What 3 things do you want most out of life?


12 thoughts on “What 3 Things Do You Want Most out of Life?

  1. I think it’s admirable that you know what you want out of life, and that you don’t follow other people. Most people would get married, have a job and have kids just because it’s what society ‘expects’ of them. Well done you for being different.


  2. it sounds like you have a great idea of what you want, which is awesome! keep your mind open though- things can change. i remember telling my frehman year counselor there was no need for me to study abroad since i just wanted to work in washington and stay in the us and be in public policy. now i’m in marketing communications and live in paris and love it! i never thought i’d want to own an apartment or something and most of my free money is spent on travel, but i do like the idea of making a space really my own. but alwasy go for what you want! don’t apologize, you are whoever you are now maybe things will change but live your life fully!

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    1. Things can definitely change. I wanted the complete opposite things when I was growing up. So, I know I’m not saying no to all these things, but just no right now. I never wanted to travel either as a kid. But the older I get, the more it appeals to me.

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  3. You may change your mind about all those things but they certainly are not what keeps you happy. I think I want: peace of mind, a published book and good health for all I know.


    1. Yep, one thing I’ve learnt is that things can always change, but it’s cool now that I think I’m finally embracing the way I am right now, and not the me I could be if/when I change. Those three things are awesome – I’d go for those too.


  4. If you have found that being on your own is most fitting and rewarding for your person then no, you are not selfish. It is a true sign that you have gotten to know the person you wish to be. Keep up your wondrous adventure =)


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