Finding a Cause to Believe in

I was at a friend’s house when a doorknocker came selling booklets to raise money for The Alannah and Madeline Foundation. The money provides packs for kids in emergency accommodation, and his full-time job was to sell these booklets door-to-door.

The conversation that followed was like being in a psychology/marketing/charity lecture. It was fascinating.

I wasn’t interested in the booklet so I asked if I could donate without taking a book. The answer was no. They weren’t allowed to accept donations without giving a book away. They weren’t even allowed to call the money we gave ‘donations,’ but ‘purchases.’

Before he left, the doorknocker said, ‘Look, to be honest, I’ve had a bad day. Most people just endure this and wait for me to leave. But you two have been so smiley and I have to ask: would you consider buying another booklet for $100 to help me meet my quota?’

I said I wished I could but I had to be wise with my money. He said that was okay and he understood. Then he asked if I’d consider buying something smaller. Again, I said, ‘Sorry, but I can’t.’
‘That’s okay,’ he said. ‘I just have to ask because otherwise I’d walk away wondering and regretting not asking. As they say: if you don’t ask, you don’t get.’
‘That’s right,’ I said, ‘keep asking because the next ask might be a yes.’

I told him not everyone could do what he does. I was thinking about the rejection and rolled eyes he must continually receive. He said, ‘I know, I get people setting their dogs on me and throwing lit cigarettes at me.’

Whoa! Even without the dogs and the cigarettes, I think it’s super courageous to go door-knocking for charity. It takes courage to keep asking when you keep getting no’s. I don’t have the courage. I wouldn’t keep asking. Even though I know and agree with the philosophy of asking in theory, I don’t think I even have the courage to ask once.

I also thinks it takes a real belief in what you’re working for to keep asking. Maybe this doorknocker was only interested in meeting his quota, or maybe he was only passionate about marketing, but I’d like to think he really believed in helping the kids he was raising money for.

This encounter brought back the yearning in my heart to put myself into a cause. I want to support, advocate, fundraise, give, and act for something I believe in. I want to believe in it so much that I’ll be courageous.

But I can’t find that one cause in my heart. It feels like my heart will recognise it when it sees it, but for now I get frustrated that I can’t find or articulate what’s in my heart.

There’s something in my heart that longs to help somewhere but I don’t know where. I don’t want to do door-to-door knocking but I want to do something.

Is there a cause you believe in that you support?


8 thoughts on “Finding a Cause to Believe in

  1. I’m way too much of an over thinker to give to charities that come knocking at my door, or for that matter call me on the phone. I am always wondering where the money goes, so I only give to charities that I trust and where I feel I am reasonably assured that the money goes where I want it to. I do not like asking people for money and would make a terrible door knocker or phone seller. I think people should give as the Lord leads them to.


    1. I tend to be a blanket no when it comes to doorknockers, not so much because of wanting to know where the money goes but because I want to find something that I really believe in.
      But we had almost an hour-long conversation about psychology and the charity, etc. that I ended up believing in it and wanting to give. Plus, I’m always on the lookout for places to donate to with my Donating Every Month goal and thought this was an opportunity right in front of me.
      Most of all, I loved how the conversation changed my perspective of doorknockers since usually I dismiss them and don’t have the time for them. But this time it really got me thinking about how willing I am to support what I believe and be active about it. So thought-provoking.


  2. I have a heart for people who are broken. I see people who live a life of turmoil and I want to show them there is peace…thanks for sharing…your post truly are thought provoking…I love it! I’m a fan!


  3. I used to think I would find my own true cause to devote my life to through a process of self reflection and analysis of what the most important things are to me.
    What actually happened is that today I spent 11 hours more or less straight in my corporate marketing job and I feel energized. I can’t believeEhow much I love my job and how motivated I am despite the very little direct meaning I find in my work. I used to be a teacher and yes I wanted to make more money and be more so called successful, but I also wanted a job that had little routine and allowed me to work internationally and where I like, and I have found it.
    There is a lot of good to do to my fellow man here and learning how to be good and do well, being both altruistic and self interested has been really interesting.
    Giving up your life to a cause that doesn’t give you whatever it is you need to be happy in life is not sustainable. Find a job that rewards you in whatever way you need.
    I definitely don’t have it all figured out and I still think about being a teacher someday again and writing my best-selling memoir. But in the meantime I do feel like I have found my calling.
    So my best advice is keep your mind open and listen to your heart.don’t fall into the trap of thinking martyr dom will give you happiness or fulfillment.
    Great post and keep writing


    1. That’s so great that you have a job that energises you. Much better than being bored at work, or stressed. I’m not sure if I’ll find a job that aligns with the cause in my heart, but I’m hoping I find a way to support it in my life through a way that aligns with who I am, what I have, etc. Maybe through art, maybe through writing – who knows. Wonder if I can do that on top of having a job. Thanks so much for sharing.


      1. funny you should say that because i got called into a meeting today because my boss finds me arrogant! just goes to show you cannot find your worth or identity in your job or anything else you do. as a really wise friend explained to me, you just have to find something that sustains you and give the world your creativity in whatever way seems fit to you! no one has it figured out, or at least not me 🙂


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