What Are Your Limiting Beliefs?

For pretty much as long as I can remember, these were my three biggest limiting beliefs:

  1. I’m a bad person.
  2. I’m always doing the wrong thing.
  3. I’m unlovable.

No wonder I turned to perfectionism, performance, and people pleasing to give me my worth and identity.

I can definitely see that my limiting beliefs have held me back. I just never knew it because they were subconscious beliefs that governed my actions (or, more accurately, inaction). Mostly I hid, avoided situations and never tried anything new.

Now that I’m aware of these limiting beliefs, I’m trying to replace them with liberating ones:

  • I accept myself just as I am and not some ideal future self I dream of.
  • I’m allowed to fail.
  • I love myself and I love others.

Allison Fallon in her post about Limiting Beliefs mentions that being aware of your limiting beliefs is half the battle. I can see how that is so true since it took forever to name mine. Identifying thought patterns and behaviour patterns in my life helped.

I think the other half of the battle is to put the opposite beliefs into practice. That’s what I’m trying to work on now as I try to change my thought patterns and behaviour patterns.

What are your limiting beliefs?


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