My Life List

I’ve been so excited about doing this post because it’s a collaboration with an amazing blogger over at 16 Sunshine Avenue.

I’m thankful she asked me if I’d like to join her in writing a Life List. Of course! I love lists, especially lists about goals and dreams. We hope our lists encourage you to spend some time writing your own Life List and then start ticking off dreams.

I wrote a bucket list a few years ago but it’s been so good to revisit the list, reassess life, and come up with a refined list.

At first I only had two items that were non-negotiable:

  1. Publish a print book based on my life
  2. Go on an overseas mission trip

These are two things I feel like I’m meant to do whether I want to or not. The rest of the list is made up of fun things I’d love to do—some of them I actively want to make happen and others are a bonus if they happen. In fact, some of them require spontaneity.

So dream wildly, remember the things you wanted to do as kid, and write your list. Post it and share it because Life Lists are inspiring and going public can add accountability and motivation to tick them off.

Here is my list:


  1. Publish a print book
  2. Do NaNoWriMo
  3. Win a writing competition
  4. Win a writing award
  5. Become a bestselling author
  6. Write an autobiography
  7. Write a book of short stories
  8. Write a book of poetry
  9. Write a book of essays
  10. Be published in Best Australian Essays
  11. Have lyrics made into a song
  12. Go on a writing retreat
  13. Get professional editing
  14. Get a writing mentor
  15. Be part of a writing group
  16. Interview a famous writer
  17. Work in a bookshop
  18. Open a bookshop
  19. Open a space for writing groups, book clubs, mentoring, readers and writers
  20. Teach writing courses
  21. Facilitate writing retreats
  22. Be a full time writer and author
  23. Start a publishing and writing company
  24. Meet Donald Miller
  25. Collaborate with an author (E.g. Donald Miller, Elizabeth Gilbert)


  1. Go on an overseas mission trip
  2. Go on a road trip
  3. Vietnam – Halong Bay, Hoi Ann
  4. Italy – Rome, Venice, Florence, Tuscany
  5. Greece – Mykonos
  6. Spain
  7. Fiji
  8. Bali
  9. Thailand
  10. New Zealand
  11. The Otways
  12. Daintree Rainforest
  13. The Kimberley
  14. Broome
  15. Darwin
  16. Perth (Also ticks off: Visit every state in Australia)
  17. Go on a biblical tour of Israel


  1. Buy a dog
  2. Go whale watching (and actually see a whale)
  3. Swim with dolphins (and pat a dolphin)
  4. Swim with seals
  5. Pat a dingo (with photographic evidence)
  6. Volunteer on an animal conservation project


  1. Watch a sunset, do an all-nighter and watch the following sunrise
  2. Swim under a waterfall
  3. Dance in the rain
  4. Snorkel at the Great Barrier Reef
  5. Go on a trail hike up a mountain in another country


  1. Splits (all three ways)
  2. Standing split
  3. Pirouette
  4. Arabesque
  5. Go en pointe
  6. Do pilates (Zumba/yoga)
  7. Take a dancing class (Ballet, jazz, contemporary)
  8. Donate blood and find out my blood type
  9. Donate my hair
  10. Get my hair braided with beads
  11. Get my hair styled professionally with curls
  12. Have my nails done either acrylic or as if they were acrylic


  1. Eagles guernsey with number 9 on the back
  2. Extended version of The Lord of the Rings
  3. The Lion King DVD (and the rest of the Disney classics)
  4. Emerald-cut clear stone silver ring
  5. Akubra
  6. Fedora
  7. Engraved dog-tags
  8. Tiara
  9. Tutu
  10. Pointe shoes


  1. Sell art
  2. Take an art class
  3. Design and make my own clothing


  1. Read The Mallorean
  2. Read The Lord of the Rings
  3. Read the bible from cover to cover
  4. All the books on my Reading List


  1. Go to Subiaco and see an Eagles home game
  2. Go to an Eagles game in Melbourne
  3. Go to an AFL grand final
  4. Be in the audience of The AFL Footy Show
  5. Be part of The Grand Final AFL Footy Show audience
  6. Go to the Australian Open (and all the other Grand Slams)
  7. Go to a musical
  8. Go to a concert


  1. Be in a food fight
  2. Build a snowman and make a snow angel
  3. Perform on stage (Sing, dance, act)
  4. Ride in a horse and carriage
  5. Ride in a limousine
  6. Have a country meets glitter fancy dress party with akubras and flannies.
  7. Have a veggie garden
  8. Play at least one instrument well (Piano, guitar, ukulele, flute)
  9. Speak at least one other language fluently – Italian, Spanish
  10. Learn Hebrew and Greek
  11. Make someone’s dream come true

What’s on your life list?

Check out my collaborator’s Life List.


24 thoughts on “My Life List

  1. Ah, this is all too awesome. I’ve started ticking off some stuff on my Life List (Challenges) on my blog. It’s all very fun. My partner and I have made one together too. And everything is being ticked off the list all too fast. It’s such an exciting feeling.


  2. I LOVE your list! Those are really amazing goals! I might have to add some more to mine…Opening a book shop and becoming a full-time writer is something that sounds very very good:-)
    It really was a blast collaborating with you! <3<3<3


    1. I could have done longer actually – hehe. Dreaming big! I doubt I’ll do them all but it’s fun if they get ticked off – bonuses. As I mentioned, there are only two that I absolutely want to tick off, so hopefully that’s manageable


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