And now…

To be likened to Anne Frank is so very humbling!!! And to be nominated as the Kindest Blogger is so very encouraging. Thank you so much Luna Cooler!

Luna's Imagination Igloo

…the 2015 Blogger Awards!

2015bloggeab40 The official logo, made by yours truly.

I’ve found so many of these posts here, so I thought I maybe I should do it too. If you want to know where this whole idea came from, it came from the Ambivert. Here we go!

blogger of the yearBlogger of the year: pearlgirl. I love her writing and her reflections on things. For me, her blog is a combination of relatable moments and intriguing experiences that I haven’t really gone through. Maybe it’s because she’s an INFJ and I’m an ENFP. Our personality types share two letters: iNtuition (I did that on purpose) and Feeling. The ones we don’t share are Introversion and Extroversion (I really hate spelling it Extraversion because it does not look right when it sits next to Introversion), as well as Judging and Feeling.

blog of the yearBlog of the year: The High Heeled Papergirl, run by Giulia. By…

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