I Love Reading!

bookmark 001

I opened one of my old childhood books and found this bookmark that I made when I was around 7.

I love how it captures a moment in time and I love how nothing’s changed.

This is the edited version: ‘I love reading. So do I. It is fun. Sure is. I like chapters, don’t you? Yeah.’

I still adore books. And I still have conversations with myself.

It’s just a scrap bit of card and a mess of a bookmark, but I love how I boldly and unashamedly declared my love of books.

I want to go back to that childhood spirit and declare boldly and unashamedly: I LOVE READING AND I WANT TO HAVE MY OWN LIBRARY AND OPEN A BOOKSHOP.

Who else loves reading?


6 thoughts on “I Love Reading!

  1. I love what you write. I love Pilates. I love reading. I love horse-back-riding. I love writing. I love doing my nails. I love cooking. I love eating….
    Loved this post! It´s so amazing to find things like that and be taken back in time!XO


  2. I love to read. Like you – always have. I used to dream of moving next door to a library. I love writing. I love chocolate. I love sunshine. I love being barefoot.


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