2016 Goals

2016 goals

  1. Read at least 52 books. Stretch goal: 100 books in a year/all the books on my reading list.
  2. Write descriptions for all my drawings. Stretch goal: Turn it into a book.
  3. Draw my way through the bible. Stretch goal: Read the bible from cover to cover.
  4. Make a journal cover. Stretch goal: Make a journal.
  5. Write and publish a book. Stretch goal: Apply marketing.
  6. Write and launch a manifesto. Stretch goal: Two manifestos.
  7. Be published through a writing competition. Stretch goal: Win an award/competition.
  8. Do the splits again. Stretch goal: Do the splits with the other leg in front.
  9. Tick off five bucket list items: Get a tiara, become an Eagles member, have my nails done either acrylic or as if they were acrylic, go to the cinema alone, do the Horseshoe Bay to Rose Bay walk. Stretch goal: be part of a writing group/book club/dance or fitness class.
  10. Find myself and follow my sparks (Be myself and do what makes me come alive).

What are your 2016 goals?


29 thoughts on “2016 Goals

    1. Thanks so much! Sorry I forgot to link to your post. My plan was to collaborate with a more specific post about The Project but I’m yet to write it. I didn’t think I had many goals other than The Project but then they just started coming out.

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      1. Sure. No worries. That´s totally fine, I know what that´s like, trust me. Don´t stress yourself, it´s okay. If you want to do another post, that´s fine with me, but you can also keep to this amazing post! XO


  1. Someone has said ask for other’s resolutions but don’t tell yours! ‘go to the cinema alone’ is something I also want to do sometime, anyway all the best, your list is really ambitious!


  2. Wow! It is really great that you have your goals in sight and feel ready to go after them. Please try to always remember to care for your person and celebrate your person along your journey. You will need to be taken care of as well, not just your goals =)


  3. Well done! I love all your goals! I love that you did a ‘stretch’ goal too. Really good idea to extend yourself like that. I go to the movies by myself quite a bit! It really is quite fun to just go watch whatever you want when you want. It’s not that scary!
    Have you done the walk from Bondi beach to Coogee Beach? I love that walk. Good luck with getting through all your goals. I also suggest breaking them down to daily and weekly goals so they are more easily achieved. YAY!!! Love it!!! Go for it girl!! 🙂 I will be following you! xx


    1. Thanks heaps! I’m looking forward to going to the movies. Just waiting for a good one to come out and then gotta make sure I remember not to invite anyone to go with me – hehe.
      I haven’t done that walk but I have walked from Sydney to Melbourne for charity. I’ll be posting about more of the details for these goals soon with daily/weekly/monthly plans. Should be fun!!!

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  4. I love the “stretch goal” idea, I’ve never heard of that before.
    My goals: Write my next screenplay. Stretch goal: Sell it. 🙂
    Finish writing my fiction podcast and produce it. Stretch goal: Gain lots of followers
    Get a commercial and theatrical agent.
    Whew! It feels awesome to write it down.


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