Wild Bucket List

The purpose of this list is to do things I’ve always wanted to do but was too afraid of because of what people may think.

The idea is to examine thought and behaviour patterns and to break out of the ones that hold me back.

  1. Wear a tiara
  2. Wear a tutu
  3. Wear hair accessories
  4. Wear a braid I did myself
  5. Get a fringe
  6. Wear a dress
  7. Get acrylic nails
  8. Get nails done as if they were acrylic
  9. Get make-up done
  10. Go to the movies alone
  11. Swim at Queens Beach
  12. Swim at Murray Bay
  13. Do the Horseshoe Bay to Rose Bay walk
  14. Go for a walk around my home
  15. Dance at the beach
  16. Sing at the beach
  17. Worship at the beach
  18. Sing out loud
  19. Photograph a sunrise
  20. Pray for a friend
  21. Pray for a stranger
  22. Talk to a stranger
  23. Make a new friend
  24. Get a pen pal
  25. Write to someone in jail
  26. Connect with someone online through email or phone
  27. Ring someone
  28. Say I love you
  29. Confess something
  30. Post something scary on my blog/social media
  31. Go deep and vulnerable with someone
  32. Give money to the cashier and pay the person behind me
  33. Give someone a box of chocolates
  34. Give someone a picture quote
  35. Give flowers to someone
  36. Give to local businesses
  37. Volunteer
  38. Go to a Zumba class
  39. Go to market
  40. Crowdfund for a creative project
  41. Crowdfund for a charity
  42. Draw a self-portrait
  43. Guest post for a blog/website
  44. Submit to a journal/magainze
  45. Cook a new meal
  46. Go to Airlie Beach by myself
  47. Take a bus somewhere
  48. Ring the mayor and try to get a recycling service
  49. Submit to the Bowen Independent photo competition
  50. Run a birthday party
  51. Have a jewellery party
  52. Be in a performance – E.g. choir, production, dance
  53. Go fruit picking – tomatoes
  54. Get a mentor
  55. Get my car tyre fixed
  56. Go to the dentist
  57. Go to the doctor (Week 3 – 19/1/16)
  58. Write a letter to myself

44 thoughts on “Wild Bucket List

  1. I’m curious to see where this is going. I’d like to have the courage to go to the movies alone as well. 😀 Oh, and if you want, you can guest post on my blog, I’d love that.


    1. So cool, you should do it too if it’s something you want to do. I’ll cheer you on. I wonder if I’ll love going to the movies alone or just feel too awkward. But I definitely want to do it once just to see. Ooh, that would awesome. Have you got a topic/theme that you’d like me to guest post on?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, I should! I have to gain the courage and say to my husband: keep the baby, I’m going out. Haha.

        My blog is about happiness, so within that topic you can write what you want. For example, share an happy moment, your views on the subject, advices, anything you can think of really.


        1. Yay, love it! Awesome, sounds good. I’ll have a think about what to write for a guest post but if you’ve got anything more specific, that would be great. I work better when I have clear boundaries, it focuses my writing/ideas.

          Liked by 1 person

        1. I love that topic! Only thing is, I tend to blog not so much to write my thoughts (that’s what my journal is for), but to express myself to people and not just to myself – if that makes sense. There are a whole bunch of reasons I blog, some of them overlap with why I write. So I can write about why I blog specifically, if you want, or about writing in general. Just let me know what you’re after.


  2. This is a great challenge for the year and your list looks fun. I will most probably “steal” 😆 a few ideas except those that won’t work for me here in South Africa, especially if with safety and security concerns, and of course those I’ve already done (since I’m guessing that I’m much older than you.) All the best. Do write an update for us later on ☺.
    Thanks again for visiting my blog.


  3. I love it! I’ve done quite a few of yours listed 🙂 I have a bucket list (although not wild) on Pinterest that I’m working through. I hope to attack it more aggressively this year. I completed some last year which was progress. Thanks for the ideas!


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