The Giver’s Manifesto

I wrote this free mini ebook as part of an online writing course run by Jeff Goins.

The Giver’s Manifesto is about being ourselves and giving what we have to others. I wrote it because a lot of the time we hide who we are and think we have nothing to give, but I believe we are here for others and, therefore, we are gifts to the world.

It tells the story of how I grew up wanting to be invisible and how I learnt we are all made for the spotlight. The spotlight doesn’t mean standing on centre stage; it simply means we are seen for who we are.

Here is what people are saying about The Giver’s Manifesto:

‘Oh man!!! By the end of the first chapter I was like dammit this is for me.  This is brilliant and exactly what I needed to read. So many people need to read this.’ Alana Bosgra

‘Well-written, inspirational, and relatable. This will speak to a lot of people.’ Heather K

‘I love this. Everyone should read and take notes.’ Gary Hoban

This is my manifesto. I 100% believe in it and want to live it.

It is a call for people to value themselves and value others. I hope it speaks to you.

At 1000 words, it can be read in one sitting. Check it out and let me know if it resonates with you: The Giver’s Manifesto.

If it does, feel free to print it, post it, and share it and/or this post with others.

What would you write a manifesto about?


17 thoughts on “The Giver’s Manifesto

  1. Thanks for pointing it out, I will be reading it next. I am inspired to help others and be helpful and give of my time and energy for a greater cause. Hope you are well 🙂 thanks!


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