My Personal Principles

Personal Principles 2

Here is take two of my personal principles that I’m taking into 2016.

I’ll print it and stick it to my wall so I can read them daily. Only by reading them regularly will I be able to remember them and put them into practice.

  1. Be yourself – No more trying to change myself so people will like me. I have permission to be myself.
  2. Be real – No more trying to be perfect. It’s okay to not have things all together.
  3. Be unconventional – No more trying to be like other people. Do what I feel led to do.
  4. Be judged – No more trying to please people. Don’t worry what people think abut me.
  5. Step into scary – No more playing it safe. Try new things and get out of my comfort zone.
  6. Fail – No more playing it small. Grow from everything.
  7. Write for you – No more trying to write for an audience. Write what wants to come out.
  8. Choose your thoughts – No more believing the lies I tell myself. Let them come, then let them go.
  9. Accept reality – No more comparing or wishing for something different. Don’t live in the ideal future; embrace now.
  10. Remember love – No more judging myself or others. Love fiercely, choose love with each step.
  11. Live now – No more waiting to act. Do what I can now.
  12. Come alive – No more feeling guilty for loving what I do. Follow my sparks unashamedly and unapologetically.

What are your personal principles?


14 thoughts on “My Personal Principles

  1. Wow, this is an awesome list. My favorite two things are: Be judged and Fail. I’m slowly getting over my need to please other people. It’s been holding me back from being the person that I want to be. And failure is just a sign that I’m trying.

    Great Post. I’m glad we crossed paths as well 😛

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  2. I love this post. My personal principles are very similar! They include letting my spirit be free; wholeheartedly trusting and following my intuition; refusing to buy into illusions; no longer caring what people think; making myself more visible and being more carefree in the actions I take. I have mine as a daily reminder in my cellphone and read them slowly each morning to let them sink in!


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