Guest Post Collaboration: Why I Love Goals

I’m excited to tick off another Wild Bucket List item by having a fellow blogger guest post on my blog.

Jessica from Modern Day Girl sent me an email suggesting we write posts for each other’s blogs about goal setting and how it helps with our anxiety. I was right up for that since I adore goals and think it’s great to be real and share our experiences.

Thank you so much Jessica! I love her post. Make sure to check out her awesome blog. Here’s a link to the guest post I wrote for her: Why I Love Goals.

Why I Love Goals by Jessica

On a personal note – I suffer from anxiety. This means I love, and require structure in my life to keep the pangs of anxiousness at bay. It’s my perfect strategy for a simple but fulfilled life where I achieve everything I want. Controlling my thoughts and feelings is sometimes the hardest part of suffering from anxiety. It’s extremely difficult trying not to be negative or being optimistic and goal setting is perfect. This is particularly hard when writing blog posts as you can imagine!

Due to the wide-spreading nature of anxiety I can feel demotivated, tired and have a lack of direction sometimes. Goal setting for me breaks me out of this frame of mind and breathes a bit of life into me. It’s a wonderful feeling and is about the only thing that keeps me going sometimes.

So why else do I love goals? They are the pinnacle of human nature. We are always striving for better and that includes me. I love the sense of achievement when I can strike a line straight through that goal I’ve been working on for months. It’s an absolutely fantastic feeling and would highly recommend it.

The goals I set range vastly in nature but I ensure I’m only working on a few at a time.  Sometimes I can be sat in bed for hours, when I should be sleeping, with thoughts floating around in my head. It drives me absolutely nuts. But then some of my best ideas have come from these moments. I have my phone to hand to write these down and come back to them in the morning. I would wholly recommend doing this tactic if you find yourself in the same situation!

I structure my goals on paper and use the ‘SMART’ technique. I draw lines, borders and boxes to keep everything in order. I add some colour in there as I love prettiness and this helps to organise my brain. My head feels in order, which in turn calms my inner thoughts in the knowledge I have planned successfully.

On a final note – goals to me mean a huge amount to me and if you find yourself at a whim, just remember – you can do it!

Thank you to Juni for giving me the amazing opportunity to write a guest post!

Anyone else love setting goals?


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