2016 Writing Goals

bowen 063

  1. Write descriptions for all of my drawings. Turn it into a book.
  2. Write a Writing Manifesto ebook (1000-3000 words).
  3. Write a Personal Principles Manifesto ebook (3000-10,000 words).
  4. Finish a book (30,000-50,0000 words).
  5. Submit to writing competitions (10+).
  6. Guest post for other blogs/websites (12+)
  7. Submit a book review to The Australia Times.
  8. Write book reviews for the books that impact me deeply.
  9. Start a writing group or be part of one.
  10. Take some time out for a writing retreat.

What are your writing goals for the year?


25 thoughts on “2016 Writing Goals

  1. Get it girl! These are some intense goals and I hope you reach them. I’m not much of a writer so my writing goals consist of learning to be better at writing music while I travel as well as keep a daily journal which I’ve been succeeding at for months now. Good luck!


    1. I think I’ll be happy even if just one of these goals gets done by the end of they year – hehe! Everything else is a bonus. But love writing, and love how goals get me writing more. That sounds awesome – writing music! And go you for keeping a daily journal. I’ve never been able to keep one going daily, but I’ve learnt it’s there when I need it.

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  2. Juni Desiree!

    I will share my Writing Bucket List in an upcoming post! Thank you for blazing that fire here! Also, I invite you to guest post on my blog, on any topic that inspires you! Just know that you are welcome any time!

    Valentine wishes!



    1. That would be so great. Please let me know when you post it – I’d love to check it out and cheer you on. Wow, awesome, I’d love to guest post. If you can think of a topic/theme/question that would work better since I’m terrible at writing posts without a guide.

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      1. Morning Juni!
        I’ve just rewritten a note to myself to write my Writing Bucket List post and to let you know when I do it! Yeah! 🙂
        And thank you for the writing prompt request…

        Please describe the last time you went on a journey. Were you fearful, excited, enthralled? Who did you meet along the way? What three lessons did you learn? Any regrets? Any challenges? Would you venture this journey again? And the journey is of your own description—whether it is across town, downtown, stepping into a strange friendship, into a new story for a novel, etc. You tell us!
        I’d LOVE to know!
        And thank you sooo much for agreeing to undertake this GUEST POST journey with me!


        1. Great morning to you, Juni!

          Thank you for the encouragement! I am most appreciative! And I am excited to write it as well.

          So excited you loved the writing prompt! Yesss! Life is such an amazing journey in itself, thus all the exclamations in my life!!!

          I would love it by the culmination of February. Does that fit into your schedule? If not, let’s go with the first week in March.

          There is no limit on the word count. I will love whatever you write, and I do not wish to curb your flow to fit a particular parameter!

          HAPPY WRITING!



        2. Juniiiiiiii Desiree!

          How lovely to see you on a sensational Saturday! Yessssss! I’ve been away for a while now, focused, I was, on compiling and editing my TO HONOR THE HEART manuscript for a potential publisher!

          It is a stupendous feeling when you enjoy the journey of walking down your goals!

          Juni, I am CERTAIN that I will love your Guest Post! Please send it with a quickness to MissClaudiaMoss@gmail.com.

          I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!

          In gratitude and appreciation,

          Don’t forget to send whatever unique picture you’d like to accompany the post!


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