Thoughts on Money

I’ve never been into money. I always thought I’d be poor and happy. I have no aims to be rich and my spending probably reflects this. I can be flippant with my money. I’ll spend money on me, buy gifts for others, and donate to charities when the wiser thing to do would be to save.

When I got my first job, I saved and didn’t touch my savings. Then one year I realised I was wasting it by not using it. And that’s when I started ticking things off my bucket list. I bought a flute, a guitar, went on a charity walk from Sydney to Melbourne, did a creative writing course, and started ballet.

My savings went down to nothing but now I was actually doing things I always wanted to do. I still save every week, but it’s there for me to spend. I guess my attitude to money is that it’s there to be used. I don’t have much interest in the money itself – money for the sake of money.

I honestly wouldn’t work if there wasn’t a need for money. I would be happy reading, writing and creating in all my spare time. But I’ve worked out that having money allows me to read, write and create. So I have a part-time job and I’m thankful for it. But since I have no desire for a house, a car, a wedding, or anything major like that, there’s no need to work full time because what I earn is enough for me to live and support my interests and give to others as well.

This means I have no desire to accumulate huge savings. I have big dreams though. I would love to open a bookshop with spaces for people to read and write to their heart’s content. I’d love to run writing competitions and retreats. And I’d love to have a publishing company. And it would be awesome to be able to donate and give more. But having more money would just allow me to continue doing what I’m already doing. So if it never happens, I’m still loving what I do.

I guess I’m a little conflicted. Part of me is okay with earning what I do for the rest of my life and doing what I’m doing. But another part of me thinks I need to be more wise with money and save. But the only reason I want to save is so I can do more of what I’m doing and spread reading, writing and creating to others.

If I was rich I could do more, sure. I would probably travel and tick those dreams off. But I’ve learnt that above a certain point, money doesn’t have to stop me from living my dreams. I used to put things off because I thought I needed more money to do them, but I’ve learnt that often it isn’t money that holds me back, but mindset. So instead of waiting to be rich, I do what I can now with what I’ve got.

This means I’ve written a book, published another book, and am writing another book. I’m also drawing a picture a week and making bookmarks. Not having more money doesn’t stop me from writing and creating.

What are your thoughts on money?


14 thoughts on “Thoughts on Money

  1. Money is meant to be spent, if not today, tomorrow. If you die and have not spent all the money that you have accumulated, then you have not given or lived enough. Remember, don’t let money get in the way of your dreams. Use your creativity and spirit to get others (who have money) invest in your ideas. Wise investors invest their money into passionate people. Good on you for living a simplistic life void of materialistic greed. Keep on going, you will be “rich” before you know it.


    1. That’s definitely one thing that made me start spending my savings. I didn’t want it to go to waste and never spent it. Hehe, it still irks me the idea of me being rich. I sort of figure I’m living my dreams right now so it’s awesome. I get to spend all my free time reading, writing and drawing – love it!

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  2. You seem to have a good attitude about money. I’ve always been conflicted about money. When I have it, I’m not sure what to do with it. I feel selfish if I spend it on myself and a bad steward if I don’t use it wisely. Because I’m married and i have a house, a car etc. there never seems to be enough to do the things I should do with it. Also, I definitely believe in giving some of my money to ministry. We support church, missionaries and we even have a little girl from India we support.


    1. I totally understand that conflict. I’ve probably given away so much money ever since high school when I shouldn’t have. It’s probably why I have hardly any savings now. Plus I spend it on me too, so that doesn’t help either. But since I’m not the ambitious type, I’m kind of happy just with what I’ve got. More would be nice but I’d only be spending it the same things I am now. But it would be cool to be able to give more away too.


    1. I’ve been sort of poor – scraping for food. definitely not fun. But after a certain point, as long as there’s food and shelter and books on my bookshelf, I’m happy with that. Thankfully books don’t cos anything near what a house or car or travel or wedding does. If I wanted any of those, I would definitely want more. But if I did have more, I would so get the equivalent of a car in books – hehe. But also I love the idea that the more money you have, the more you can give away – that sounds awesome!!!


  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Juni! Your thoughts are, as usual, spot on!

    This point particularly resonants with me. “I used to put things off because I thought I needed more money to do them, but I’ve learnt that often it isn’t money that holds me back, but mindset.”

    You know, you were able to put into words something I’ve never fully been conscious of but realized last year. For years before going on my first solo trip to Japan I had every excuse in the world to justify why I couldn’t go. Mainly it was money. The flight was too much. Traveling solo is too expensive. But when I finally made the decision to do it I was confronted with the reality that it wasn’t too expensive and underneath the money excuse was just fear.

    “I would love to open a bookshop with spaces for people to read and write to their heart’s content. I’d love to run writing competitions and retreats.” Sign me up once you’ve opened up shop please! =)

    Your attitude is so refreshing! Thanks again for sharing.


    1. No worries. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. That point took a long time to learn but once I did, I’ve been living my dreams ever since. So good!
      That’s so great. So glad it spoke to you. It’s really all that fear, isn’t it. And money is just a scapegoat. I always hear people saying they want to do things but don’t have the money. But I think most of us would be able to save it eventually, it’s just a matter of how much you want it and much you’re willing to sacrifice for it. So I’ve had to give up a lot of things in order to live my dreams. E.g. I gave up an art class so I could focus on what I want to do most.
      Love hearing your thoughts. And thanks – will let you know if it ever happens – hehe!

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  4. “But I’ve learnt that above a certain point, money doesn’t have to stop me from living my dreams. I used to put things off because I thought I needed more money to do them, but I’ve learnt that often it isn’t money that holds me back, but mindset. ”

    Gah so true!! So many times I catch myself thinking “well if I just had money, I could accomplish X”. It’s really just an excuse and deterrent from pursuing things we really care about.

    Love this post! Money is at the heart of most things unfortunately and not many people are comfortable writing about it.


    1. Thank you! My thoughts were a bit all over the place and sometimes contradict but it kind of reflects how I’m conflicted about money. And that key part you quoted is the main lesson I’ve been learning recently. So good to see things from this new perspective so now money no longer holds me back. Usually it’s just me holding myself back. Thanks so much for the comment!

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      1. It’s funny to come back to this post today, because I was just thinking… I, and I assume probably others, spend a great deal of time planning out their future life. But I am 27 now. The future is not some distant thing hat a high school or college student thinks about. Our twenties are a weird age where we feel like we are still growing up but we really already are adults.

        Money doesn’t just happen upon you (unless you strike it lucky) so we should really be more focused on living today with what we have than tomorrow with what we might have.

        It’s definitely a conflicting topic so I’m glad you shared your thoughts!


        1. I like your thoughts. Definitely want to live more now with what I have rather than waiting and wishing for the future and what I might have. That goes for possessions and relationships too, and other things as well I suppose. Thus one of my personal principles is: Live now. Since I tend to be focused on the ideal future which paralyses me in the present. No more. Doing what I can now with what I’ve got – yay! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts.


  5. I adore your mindset about money! I probably fall into the sad category of those who put off doing stuffs or actually ‘living’ until there’s enough money for that. I love how you spent your savings to check out items on your bucket list! That’s dope! 😀 I pray for the courage to try that. Your mindset about money reflects ‘contentment’ which is very key! Thanks for inspiring me to address my attitude towards money. God bless! ❤


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