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I love anything to do with self-knowledge and examining the self. So I love anything to do with personality and am an advocate for personality tests.

I don’t believe they put us in a box but are simply a tool to understand ourselves better and to see ourselves in new ways. I’ve found personality tests so helpful. They comfort me, show me insights, and give me new ways to express myself. They allow me to embrace my personality, use my strengths, and develop my weaknesses. They also help me understand others better.

Here are my favourite tests:


My favourite test, probably because it was the first one I did and it gave me my first light-bulb moment. Freakishly accurate for me as an ISTJ. It helped me work on developing my feeling side, to the point where sometimes I could come out as ISFJ. The most recent time I’ve done this test I got INFJ. Clearly, I am most definitely an introverted judger. These two tests are the best ones I’ve found for MBTI:

16 Personalities

Best place for MBTI profiles – This site has my favourite profile descriptions.

Personality Page


It took me a while to warm up to this test. I’m a number 1 and I knew it fit me but got no light-bulb moments. But the more I’ve read about it, the more I see how accurate it is and the more insights it gives me. I’m not sure what my wing is. I think it’s 9, but 2 is pretty likely as well.

Enneagram Institute 


I don’t know as much about this test but I found it accurate and good for team dynamics. I’m an S and secondly a C.

123 Test

Strengths Finder 2.0

This is the latest test that I rave about. It gives your top five strengths and at first I was surprised by my results. But as I reread my results, I got light-bulb moment after light-bulb moment. I had to go digging into my behaviour patterns and passions throughout my life and as I delved into my background, my results made so much sense.

My top five strengths are intellection (need time alone to think), input (love collecting things and gathering information that I find valuable), deliberative (cautious and private), learner (love learning), and belief (need to have a reason for everything I do).

I never saw them as strengths but this test helped me see them this way and to use them in new ways.

Gallup Strengths Center

Four Temperaments

I don’t find this test as helpful because it’s too general, but for a quick overview it’s cool. I’m melancholy first, phlegmatic second. Although these have swapped around throughout my life.


Visual DNA

Not as accurate or enlightening, but fun to do and does pull out some worthwhile insights.

Visual DNA

School of Life self knowledge questionnaire

Another fun test that takes a different approach but is incredibly insightful.

Self-Knowledge Questionnaire

The Desire Map

This book that can help you figure out your core values through the feelings you desire most. I haven’t got the book yet but I’m keen. From reading up about it, I think I can work out that my core desires are something like beauty, awe, epiphany, connection, usefulness.

The Desire Map

Are there any resources I’ve missed? And what are your results?


3 thoughts on “Personality Test Resources

  1. Very cool. Your posts are just so succinct and interesting. I write differently and it’s refreshing to read what you write. I’ve gone through some of the things you’ve gone through and it’s fun to see you realize certain things about life from your perspective. I’m an INFP. My top 5 strengths are: empathy, restorative, belief, strategic, and input.


    1. Thank you so much! I’m so glad you find them interesting and refreshing. I always try to write the way I speak as much as I can. Or to write the way I think. That way it sounds like me and I’m being true to my own voice.
      Thanks so much for sharing. So interesting. Do you feel your results match you really well? Did you get any insights/light-bulb moments from them?


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