Art: Where My Heart Is

Where My Heart Is - A Melbournian living in north Queensland
Where My Heart Is – A Melbournian living in north Queensland

20th November 2014, Prismacolor pencils on A4 cartridge paper

This is the first picture I ever drew with Prismacolor pencils.

It’s about finding a place that is made for you.

I never thought I’d leave Melbourne but when I went to Queensland for a holiday in 2014, I fell in love with the place. I’m a summer girl and beaches are my favourite places so I love the hot sunny days and the views of glittering aqua water. I have to pinch myself that I get to live in a place like this. It makes me smile.

Most of all, Queensland gives me a quiet, warm, and beautiful place where I can think to my heart’s content. I’m a person who needs a lot of time alone to reflect or else I go a bit crazy. Jesus went up a mountain to spend time with God; I go to the beach. This is where I chat to God, get everything out, and hear from him. This is where I find rest from the craziness.

I love watching the waves and staring at the horizon while I sit on a rock with my journal, pen, book, and iPod. I love being able to sit there for as long as I need to in the Queensland warmth. Sometimes I watch the sun go down and photograph the sunset, and then lie down and watch the stars come out.

In 2006, I flew to Queensland for a holiday. When I stepped off the plane and felt the sun and saw the palm trees, this sentence came to me: ‘Melbourne is where my home is but Queensland is where my heart is.’ It felt like God was whispering to my soul.

Eight years later I was standing in the water of one of Queensland’s beaches. As the waves danced around my ankles I remembered this whispered sentence. Now I knew it to be true. Melbourne will always be home but Queensland is where my heart is.


4 thoughts on “Art: Where My Heart Is

  1. Art and architecture … the cutting edge of intelligence. Just do it, never stop… onya.
    I see things you cannot. Have a look…


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