Jewellery and Art Party


Today I had a jewellery and art party.

There were about 12 people plus a few extras. I love how everyone went home with something from the jewellery swap and craft swap. Plus everyone got one of my bookmarks and freebies for attending. And the host of the party got a free picture as well.

I also sold some of my own jewellery, art, and things around my home like books, CDs, and DVDs.

It’s a great way to declutter, make a bit of money, promote my creations, and have fun with friends.

It took a lot of work. I sold my grooming kit for $250 and spent it on my art to get ready for the party. I got two folios to display my pictures (one for originals and one for prints) and one folder to display the drawing descriptions. I also made a stack of bookmarks, bought two corkboards to display my jewellery, and a whiteboard to write the price list.

Most of the week was spent writing the drawing descriptions. I needed to write full ones for the future book I plan to publish and abridged ones to stick on the back of my drawings with my signature. I also printed colouring-in sheets of my drawings.

Every spare second was spent organising everything and now I’m exhausted. Was worth it though. Everyone went home with something they were happy with and I sold some bookmarks, colouring sheets, and drawings.

And now everything is ready for future parties. Should be a lot less work next time.


2 thoughts on “Jewellery and Art Party

  1. That is awesome Juni! Sounds really productive and brave! I would be so nervous to sell anything I create, I find it so great that you take that step and let the world see you and your creations! 🙂


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