Art: We Are Not Our Boxes

We Are Not Our Boxes
We Are Not Our Boxes – If we put people in boxes, we start to only see the box and the person becomes invisible

14th December 2014, Prismacolor pencils on A3 cartridge paper

The names and labels people give us, and that we give ourselves, can often limit us. They can put us in a box and make us forget we are more than our boxes.

The words on the blue box are the words I grew up with. The labels aren’t necessarily a bad thing to be but they became a box. The labels meant that I kept a smile on my face even if I was sad, I let people speak for me, and I felt pressure to always get good grades.

I never knew I was in a box, though, until I started doing new things and going against expectations. I started to express my emotions, speak up, and try things I could fail at. Instead of my world falling apart like I feared it would, my world expanded and became full of possibilities. It showed me that the names and labels weren’t my identity; they were just a box. They placed limits around me and held me back. They told me who I was and who I would always be, but now I’m learning I’m more than a box.

A box is safe, comfortable, predictable and easy, but I want to step out of my box because I am not my box. A big part of being able to step out of my box is to stop putting others in boxes. Because if I put others in boxes, it means I put myself in one too. I want to see people for who they really are, and I want to let people see me for who I really am. I don’t want to see the box because the box makes the person invisible.

There is a world inside every person but we don’t always see it. We just see four walls. I want to take off my box glasses, open the door, and step out of the box.

Note: Apologies for the poor picture quality. If you click on the artwork you’ll be able to see it clearer.


24 thoughts on “Art: We Are Not Our Boxes

  1. This is so true: “names and labels weren’t my identity; they were just a box”. It took me a while to realize that the names and labels I was given in life weren’t permanent or even true. That I could be whoever I wanted. I didn’t need to limit myself based on others appraisal of me. I want to take off my box glasses too! 😀


  2. Greetings Juni!

    This post is invaluable and I’m blessed to have read it on this new Wednesday morning for I am pushing my boxes, mentally, to the porch where my other cardboard boxes are stored in the locked closet-of-a-room out there. A powerful, beautiful post!




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