Accepting submissions for a book tribute to mothers

I am in the thick of getting this book ready for publication.

So far there are about 30 people included. There are poems, letters, lists, stories, and pictures. There is humour, angst, joy, and lots of heart.

For the next week I am accepting the last submissions. Deadline: Friday 15th April at midnight.

What you need to know:

  • This book is about honouring and celebrating mothers. It’s about taking a moment to say, ‘Hey, you’re doing okay. You’re allowed to struggle with fears and insecurities. You’re allowed to know you’re doing a good job.’ The aim is to encourage mothers, both our own mothers and you as a mother.
  • It’s about giving everyday mothers and children a voice. I’m interested in words that are real, raw, honest, vulnerable. Say what you need to say.
  • Submit by answering the prompts in the comments or by emailing me: If you email, please mention you’re responding to this blog post. Or you can write a blog post and link back to this post.
  • Copyright belongs to you. They’re your words, you can do what you want with them.
  • Compensation comes in the form of the thrill of seeing your name, words and message published. Part of the inspiration behind this book is to give the opportunity I was looking for: a chance to be published without jumping through hoops.
  • Your name, age and country will be included or you can be anonymous. Please include the details you want published with your submission.
  • Only include the names of other people in your submission if you are happy with them being published.
  • Websites and blogs won’t be included due to permissions/privacy, etc.
  • The aim is to have this published by Mother’s Day in May but it will be dependent on available resources.

Here are the prompts:

From a child’s perspective:

  • What you learnt from your mother
  • How your mother shaped you
  • What you couldn’t tell your mum
  • Confess secrets to mum
  • What you love about your mum
  • What you want your mum to know
  • What your mother gave you
  • Your favourite memory with your mother/being with her
  • Write a letter to mum

From a mother’s perspective:

  • What you want your children to know
  • Your worries and fears as a mum
  • Advice for mothers
  • Advice for children
  • The best thing about being a mum
  • The hardest thing about being a mum
  • What you want people to know about motherhood
  • Write a letter to your child/ren

Feel free to answer all of them or just the ones that resonate (or just the ones that apply). And answer them any way you like: a sentence, a paragraph, a blog post, a letter, a poem, a drawing, a photo, etc. These are starting points. Go where they lead you. Whether you have five minutes or five days to spend on this, I’m making it as easy as possible for you to be included.

For more info:

Feel free to reblog this or share this post with anyone you think may be interested.

I look forward to reading what you come up with!


13 thoughts on “Accepting submissions for a book tribute to mothers

  1. Howdy. Feeling a little left out since I am not a daughter. My mom had three sons, but I have four daughters. I wrote this a while ago, and last year got to share this with everyone who attended her services after she passed away. Even thought I technically may not qualify, I wanted to share it anyway.

    We took the last lesson to heart as we drove almost 3,000 miles round trip for her services and celebrated with our kids and made the trip a lasting and good memory.


    1. Well, after this comment and your awesome post, I think I have to reconsider who can submit. But since this is the last week for submissions, you may be the only son in the book if you were okay with being included? If so, please let me know what I should include for your name, age and country. Thanks for reaching out!


  2. My mom wrote her piece and I am almost completed mine! I will email you them within the next day! As for pictures, did you mean people drew pictures or that they included a picture of them and their mom? 🙂


  3. Count me in!It will be ready within the next days,so I will make sure to send it to you via e-mail!I would love to surprise and honor my mother with something so pure and awesome as this!


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