Art: You Are Mine

You Are Mine
You Are Mine – Arise, shine. You are no longer captive; you are mine.

22nd December 2014, Prismacolor pencils on A3 cartridge paper

This was inspired by one of my favourite songs ‘Every Captive Free’ by Matt Gilman. It’s also inspired by Isaiah 60:1.

I felt like I was in a prison, trapped by life, people, circumstances, and myself. The bars of my prison might look different to other people’s but whatever they are, this song and scripture reminds me that God came to set the captives free.

I pictured myself curled up in a ball: a captive to my fear of being a burden, to my self-hatred and pride, to the pressure of living up to expectations, and to the shame that stops me from lifting my head and being able to face people and look them in the eye. I’m in a dark corner: alone, afraid, ashamed, locked behind the bars of my prison.

Then God comes, a shining light that covers me. He breaks the bars, holds out his hand and tells me to, ‘Arise.’ He tells me to, ‘Shine.’ For he is my light and he has come to free me from the darkness, the prison, the captivity. I look up into his face and his light shines on my face. His glory rises upon me because I am his. So I can stand and walk out of that prison: shining, glowing, free. Singing. Dancing.

God sings and dances over me as he shines on me and calls me to shine. This makes me want to sing and dance. He sets me free and because of this, I can now join him and help set others free. I will sing and dance over people, calling them out of their darkness and captivity. I won’t hide; I will shine so others can shine.



4 thoughts on “Art: You Are Mine

  1. Really lovely piece! It feels so good to be free! No more having to hide behind our masks. Thank God for setting the captives free! God bless you for sharing. 🙂


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