Art: Safe in a Storm

Safe in a Storm – Safe in the heart of God
Safe in a Storm – Safe in the heart of God

6th April 2015, Prismacolor pencils on A4 cartridge paper

When I moved from Melbourne to Queensland, it felt like I was standing in the middle of chaos. At the time, the story about Jesus calming a storm while crossing a lake with his disciples came up a lot. For the first time I could relate to the story because I was right in the middle of a storm.

I learnt that when Jesus said, ‘Let’s cross to other side,’ his disciples could trust he would get them safely to the other side. So when God told me I needed to be in Queensland, I could trust he wanted me there for a reason and he would get me safely through the storm.

I learnt that a storm isn’t necessarily a bad thing and I don’t have to worry about anything while I’m in the storm. If God wants me there, then I can know everything is okay because God is keeping me safe.

Instead of wanting the storm to go away, now I was okay with staying in the storm because God was with me in it.


3 thoughts on “Art: Safe in a Storm

  1. That is exactly how I felt when I moved from Ohio to Connecticut. I knew God put me here for a reason but in the meantime, I was in turmoil and “at sea”. Now, it is crystal clear why I am in CT and why I am in the town I’m in. I never would have made this move if left to my own devices but it wasn’t left to my own devices.


    1. Oh, how cool. Glad you can relate. Love how clarity comes and love the perspective that comes with hindsight. I’ve found those storms are moments for trust and closeness to God, so I came to appreciate the storm for that sense of safety with God. I guess you can only know what safety really is when you’re scared.


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