Art: Self-Portrait

Self-Portrait – The thousand faces of me
Self-Portrait – The thousand faces of me

21st May 2015, Prismacolor pencils on A3 cartridge paper

This picture captures me on a page. It’s like a scrapbook of my personality, parts of my journey, and some of the things I love.

I’m often confused by my contradictions. Sometimes I’m cool, calm and collected (blue waves). Sometimes I’m brooding and melancholy (black storm). Sometimes I’m happy and bubbly (yellow sun). Sometimes I’m a crazy ditz (rainbow swirl). I can be quiet, loud, serious, funny, wise, foolish, polite, rude, outgoing and timid. Sometimes I hide behind a mask. Sometimes it feels like I’m in a prison. Sometimes I show people who I am.

I’m structured but I’m also creative. I love both science and art. I LOVE order and I like things to be in neat boxes and categories. I love nitty gritty details but I also love the wonder of the big picture and how everything connects and fits together. I seek perfection but am learning to be okay with imperfection.

I’m broken but eternity is in my heart and I follow God who died on a cross to restore everything. My favourite scripture is Philippians 2:5-11 which is about Jesus humbling himself and becoming a servant. This is my mandate for life.

My first name means grace and hope, and my middle name means wanted. One of my nicknames was ‘numero uno.’ My Myers-Briggs personality type is ISTJ: introverted, sensing, thinking, judging. I love reading, writing, and music. I love questions. I love dreams. I love animals, especially dogs. I love beauty, sparkles, stars, and blue butterflies. My favourite colour is blue. My favourite number is 15. My favourite song is ‘If I Am’ by Nine Days because it tells my story.

I keep everything locked inside but I want a key to open everything because I believe we are meant to be ourselves and be seen. I believe everyone has stories that are meant to be shared, and my heart is to share mine through writing.

Silk is my favourite character from a book series called The Belgariad. He is witty and sly, a prince and a spy. He made me laugh and made me cry. He made me fall in love with writing because Silk, after all, only exists in writing.

Each colour and each box represents a different part of me. I am all these things and more.


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