Book Update: Entries closed and I have a title

So the deadline has come and gone for submissions to the book tribute to motherhood.

There are 65 contributors from 12 countries and ages range from 16 to 84.

The title is To and From: Mother, and there are about 100 entries comprising of stories, poems, letters, recipes, interviews, lists, and anecdotes.

This book has become so much more than I imagined. It all started with an urge to write a letter to my mum. I ended up writing a letter, blog post, and poem, and drawing a picture. From here, I was inspired to put this book together with the voices of mothers, sons and daughters.

It’s been such an amazing journey so far and I feel like I’ve learnt so much from reading everyone’s entries. I’m yet to make sense of it fully as I’m still kind of shocked at how this vision has grown and gone in its own direction.

I feel like I’m trying to catch up as this book is taking on a life of its own and I’m just going along for the ride.

I hope this is a special keepsake for children and a comfort and encouragement to mothers and children around the world. Know that you are so loved!

There is so much realness and so much heart in this book. I love it!

I’m so honoured to include everyone’s words, stories, and perspectives. Thank you!!!

From here, I now have to arrange the entries, compile a Contents page, edit, proofread, and format. I also have to get a cover designed and put the call out for beta readers.

This will all hopefully happen in the next week. Then I’ll go onto the next phase of the publishing process and will post another update then.

So exciting!!!


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