Published in another book!

comp 001

So excited to get this book in the mail!!!

It’s my third time published through this competition by Melaleuca Blue Publishing for life writing. The first year I was shortlisted. The second year I was highly commended, coming in third place, and winning $50. And this third year I was commended.

This book is about what we really learnt at school. I shared a life lesson that my school years were teaching me all along about being ourselves. The title of my piece: ‘Share Your Story.’

I love what the editor is doing with her publishing company and with life writing. She inspires me in my own writing and publishing journey as I am a lover of life writing and the sharing of stories. I also would love to start my own publishing company and run writing competitions. I guess I’m kind of already making steps towards this with the books I’m already publishing.

I definitely recommend submitting to writing competitions. The feedback has been so valuable. It’s helped me have confidence in myself as a writer, and I love building connections with fellow writers.

Do you submit to writing competitions?



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