Art: Failure is a Door to Growth


Failure Is The Door To Growth
Failure is a door to growth – Failure is often a door to success and always a door to growth

21st July 2015, Prismacolor pencils on A3 cartridge paper

All my life I’ve avoided failure by playing everything safe. I’ve only recently learnt that this comes from an underlying core belief that I need to perform well because I think my identity and worth depend on it.

I’ve always been known as a high-achiever, an all-rounder, good at everything, an A-grade student, and a teacher’s pet.

Somewhere along the line, these phrases must have subconsciously made me think that’s what made me who I am.

But now I want to fail. I want to embrace failure because it’s the only way to separate the connection that’s been built up in my mind that my worth comes from my performance.

I also want to embrace failure because I don’t want to run from challenges and things that scare me. I’m learning that failure doesn’t need to be feared. Failure is often the door to success. Each failure teaches me a way that doesn’t work and leads me closer to a way that will work.

So keep walking through doors because the next door might be the one that works. Don’t give up at the first door, or the second, or the third. Keep going because success might be behind the next door.

But in the end, whether success comes or not, I’ve learnt it doesn’t matter because it’s about going on a journey and growing. I never have to wait for the fear to go away. The times I’ve been most afraid and most challenged have been the times I’ve grown the most.

So do it afraid and keep taking steps forward, walking through doors, and learning along the way.

I have to constantly remind myself that failing doesn’t mean I’m a failure.


21 thoughts on “Art: Failure is a Door to Growth

  1. It’s tough to embrace failure but it’s part of life and can help develop strength. I put up a quote on my board at work everyday and last week one of my favorites was “Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up”


  2. I have been reading your posts and I can’t help but saying this: we seem to be living the same life. I am an over achiever. I hate losing. And I reacently went through a traumatic failure. I have never felt so unhinged. I am getting better at handling it though. And things don’t seem as bleak as they did a few weeks back. Maybe failure is a blessing in disguise. And one fall doesn’t mean that we are never going to get back up!
    Good luck with yours!


    1. That is so cool! I’m so glad this blog speaks to you. Feeling unhinged isn’t fun but I guess we need it so we can learn to deal with it and whatever else is an issue in our lives. Thank you so much for sharing and for your beautiful comments. Would love to hear more of your journey too and will keep checking your blog.


      1. A few years back I used to whine about having a pristine life because someone said I will never be successful unless I face struggle. I wanted to have a life story where I would thrive and survive, rather than having a life where you blandly check things off your Life List. And now I am living it. I guess one SHOULD be careful what one wishes for. 😛


  3. Exactly! Learning always mean failing. I used to feel useless as failing seemed like I didn’t knew what I was doing, but then I realized I was growing and finding new ways of doing stuff.
    Someone that doesn’t fail is someone that doesn’t push herself. No one makes everything right at the first attempt.
    In the end, it’s worse if you don’t fail. 😉


  4. Wow I love this. Yes it’s true I also learnt it this year as well we just need it and not to avoid. I came to realize that it kinda makes us feel more alive if after we stand up to it and succeed.
    PS. Thanks for the follow as well really love your blog.
    Happy New Year in advance.
    Much love, George


  5. My biggest problem is safety seeking behaviour whenever there is an issue. I have a fear of failure but I realised this year that I need to do behaviour experiments to find out that some of my assumptions about me and about others are usually incorrect. This is the essence of CBT which is the biggest blessing I found in this year due to my mental illness.
    Congratulations on your blog, you have written quite interesting posts! Keep up the good work!


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