Poem: Image of God

I am the image of God
I am not an object
I am human
I am not my body parts
I am a person with a name
I am not something that can be rated
I am someone made for relationship
I am made for more than myself
I am made to love and be loved
I am heaven when I am human
I am hell when I am dehumanised
I am authority; I get to choose
I am free will; heaven or hell?
I am how I see you
I am how I treat you
I am choosing to see the image of God
I am choosing not to use you
I am choosing to love you
I am choosing to be human with you
I am choosing heaven: the beautiful will of God

One of the things I struggle with is cruelty and injustice. I like to be able to understand all things: people, perspectives, concepts, behaviour. But I just don’t understand how people can torture people. Or hurt animals. Or make someone feel bad.

I wonder how on earth can people do that. It scares me because it seems so unhuman. It makes me ask: Who are you? Because I have no idea if that’s what you choose to do. It makes me think you’ve lost something, and that makes me sad.

I struggle, I lack understanding, and I’m desperate for people to get their humanness back. I want to say: you are worth so much more than how you treat people and animals.

But I must confess, to a certain extent I understand. There have been times I have been cruel and unjust. But not one part of me likes this about me. Not one part of me wants cruelty and injustice to be part of who I am. When I do those things, I turn into something I don’t want to be.

So this poem is about seeing the worth of myself and others. They are completely linked.


12 thoughts on “Poem: Image of God

      1. The reason why people are giving up humanness is because of attachment to material possessions. They are so much used to this reel world, which they often consider as real, that they are losing their sense if rational thinking. Anything when overdone becomes evil. Man is so obsessed with pleasures, in bargain to fulfill his needs he is ready to destroy anything. A change of mind, shedding away of ignorance is needed to make him back human.


        1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I’ve been reading about a perspective and thinking about the lure of something better. How perhaps that has a hand in people losing their humaness. How they think they’re being jibbed if they do things a certain way and things would be better for them if they did things another way – i.e. bully others to make themselves feel better, torture someone to get info they want. Maybe it’s a selfishness thing or just plain pride.


  1. Thank you so much Juni for this post!! I’m so glad there’s someone who thinks like this too! Lately, I’ve been wondering the same thing. Why there is rudeness, mind games… I don’t get a lot of the workings of this world…

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      1. It’s not like I didn’t treat anyone with rudeness or wasn’t mean. I was. I did a lot of tit for tat. What I didn’t realise while taking in those habits and making them my own was that they stick and it’s not so easy to tear them out again. I’m trying to unlearn a lot. The place where I stand now, I see the madness. It really ia just madness….


        1. I think this is one of the reasons I value the trait of consideration so much. Maybe that would stop the madness, thinking of others as just like us, caring for them, seeing things from their eyes, and always being kind. I guess when we don’t think about what we’re doing or other people, we’ll just treat people however we want.

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