Reviews for Fall in Love with Writing

Fall in Love With Writing

So excited to share some of the reviews I’ve received for my first published book: Fall in Love with Writing.

A beautiful compilation of reasons why people love to write. The most common thread tying all writers together in this book, is that they write because they love it. Write to inspire. Most importantly writers create. I would like to send a personal thank you out to Juni Desiree’ for including so many wonderful writers, in this book from across the globe. I also want to thank her for writing as well. My only wish is that this could be in paperback. It would be a wonderful book go have on my book shelf or desk, when I need inspiration to continue writing. I look forward any further books that Juni publishes! I absolutely love this book!
– C. Oliver

Insightful. Honest. Inspiring. This book invites readers to enter the personal world of the writer and in doing so sheds light on how the creative process, and the compulsive need to write, can generate joy and satisfaction in writers all over the world.
– C. Barnett

A wonderful book pooling the thoughts of other writers. This book helps you to see what inspires and motivates other writers to continue their craft through the host of impossibilities. Writing is not easy. This book fosters the creative juices so they can keep flowing.
– S. Klase

Great having a collection of thoughts about writing. Really creative and inspiring!
– A. Bosgra

For those writing, the book feels like a song written to our hearts. The compilation of beautiful advice and testimonies make this book a worthy companion for those who sometimes struggle in getting the words out there.
C. Doria-Medina

Shows the value of writing in our own lives. A different approach to writing – I like what the author is doing!
– Anonymous

Check out this book if you:

  • Love writing
  • Want to write
  • Have lost motivation to write
  • Need inspiration to write
  • Have forgotten why you write
  • Feel alone as a writer

It is available as an ebook for $3.99US. If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download the Cloud Reader for free and read it on any device.

Here is the link on Amazon. Just change it to your country’s version of the website to buy the book.

May we fall in love with writing all over again.

Why do you love writing? How did you fall in love with writing?


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