Call-out for beta readers and book reviewers

Title PageJust seeing if anyone is interested in reading the book I’m working on called To and From: Mother.

It’s a tribute to motherhood to celebrate and honour them. There are 74 contributors and about 105 entries with poems, lists, interviews, blog posts, and stories.

I really hope it’s an encouragement to mothers around the world, and an encouragement for sons and daughters as we see things from their eyes.

There’s a bit of humour, angst, pain, joy, and lots of heart.

It’s about 55,000 words and I will need extra quick readings to provide feedback in time for it to be sent to a designer. Ideally, if you can read it and provide feedback in one week, that would be brilliant.

If this isn’t feasible, I can give you more time.

If anyone would like to proofread as they go, that would be great. But mostly I’m just looking for feedback and to identify any major errors that I might be too close to see.

If you could do a review or provide a few words that I could use to promote the book, that would also be great.

If you want to skip beta reading and just be a book reviewer, then you have more time to read and write your review.

Feel free to email with any questions or to volunteer:

Thanks heaps!


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