Blogging/Writing Advice from a Singer

I watched an interview with a singer who became famous about ten years ago from a reality singing TV show.

He said he was glad he went on the show ten years ago and not now in a time when social media rules and anyone can say anything about anyone to everyone.

He had some advice for people going on these reality shows, and I think it applies to blogging, writing, and anything else we do that’s seen in the public eye.

He said not to believe everything you read and not to believe your own hype.

That’s the thing with blogging/writing/creating – people can make judgement calls on fellow bloggers’ character/personality/motivations, etc. based on the little snapshot we see from a blog post.

It’s the equivalent of judging someone based on a song they sing once a week on a reality TV show or TV editing so only one side of a person is seen.

People will say all sorts of things about us, and sometimes we can believe every opinion we hear when they’re not true.

And sometimes people will admire us and like us. But don’t get caught in the hype because that’s where pressure to live up to the hype comes from. And suddenly doing what we love isn’t fun anymore, because we’re doing it to please others instead of doing it because we enjoy it.

The singer made me think about what I want to say to the people who go on reality TV shows and people who create in public:

Don’t take every opinion on to yourself. Know who you are and why you went on the TV show/started a blog/created – stay true to that and don’t let what people say sway you and change why you do what you do. Do it because you love it.

I remember one singer who got off to a great start on one of these reality singing competitions. But he lost his way when his votes dropped off. Maybe this is me making assumptions, but he looked stressed trying to get everything right and meet what everyone wanted. The judges made comments, the public made comments, and he got lost in them.

I just wanted to sit with him and say forget everyone. Forget what they’re saying. Sing for you. If you’re going to get voted out, at least enjoy the last song you sing on the show.

I have to tell myself the same sort of thing over and over again. Don’t blog/write for stats, fame, likes, money, etc. or I’ll lose my way. I’ll forget why I wanted to blog/write in the first place. If I write for me and write because I love it, I’ll never lose my way.


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