The Power of Story

When you share your stories with me, I feel so privileged. I feel like I’ve been given a special gift and I will nurture it and treasure it. It speaks to me and means a lot to me.

I love getting to know you and admire you for being vulnerable and sharing your story with me. Thank you. People think they will be judged if they’re honest, but I have nothing but admiration for them. Just by being honest and sharing your story you give me the courage to be vulnerable and share my own story.

You don’t have to share only the good parts or what you think people want to hear. You don’t have to have a moral, a resolution, or a lesson. The story speaks for itself. If it’s part of your experience and shapes who you are, then it will speak to people. Not to everyone. But it will matter to some. They will connect with it when you just tell things the way they are, the way you see things. You don’t have to be perfect because being real makes an impact.

I didn’t always want to share my stories. I was either too scared or thought my stories didn’t matter. But every time I have a deep and meaningful with someone or a group is invited to share their stories, I feel so honoured to hear people share the deep stuff, the heart stuff, the stuff that matters. I feel so content and can’t stop smiling afterwards. I feel so connected with people, and it’s such an amazing feeling. It’s one of my favourite feelings – bliss.

It matters to me when people share their stories, so I want to share my stories too as a gift to others. When the focus becomes more about what I can give other people and less about my own fears and insecurities, that gives me the courage I need to be honest, go deep, and share my stories.

I want to not worry what people will think or how they will respond. I just want to share my heart, my experiences, my life, and trust that it will speak to people the way people sharing their stories with me speaks to me.

I hope by sharing my own stories, other people will connect with them and find the courage to share their own stories.


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