Art: Tree of Life

Tree of Life – The way to the tree of life is always open
Tree of Life – The way to the tree of life is always open

25th October 2015, Prismacolor pencils on A4 cartridge paper

This picture is about an insight I got when I was listening to one of the teachings on Vision Radio.

In Genesis 3, after Adam and Eve betrayed God and brought death into the world, God guards the Tree of Life with cherubim.

One way of seeing this is that it was God’s way of making sure Adam and Eve wouldn’t be able to get to the Tree of Life and live forever in their cursed state. But another way of seeing the cherubim is that they weren’t keeping people away, but making sure the way to the tree of life would always be open. God isn’t about keeping people out. He’s about welcoming people in.

I love that. I needed to hear it at the time because when I was going through an identity crisis I felt like I was on a road of death, in a desert with no water. The teaching reminded me that I was on the path of life. It’s a narrow path. It can be a hard and painful path sometimes, but it’s always open and protected, and living water never stops flowing there.


4 thoughts on “Art: Tree of Life

  1. This is interesting because I just read the passage in my devotions and wandered if the tree was still there, somewhere in the world. Also, I wrote a story about a tree of life. It was about the search for eternal life.


    1. That’s cool! Interesting thought. I guess in Revelation it talks about the Tree or Life there; wonder if it’s the original tree or a recreated tree like the recreated creation/new creation. And love all the connections between the Tree of Life and Jesus. So cool!


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