Writing a book is like running a marathon

Wow, I had this moment last night where I realised I could do anything I wanted in my free time again.

In my exhaustion and excitement after finally finishing To and From: Mother, relief and happiness also overwhelmed me.

It reminds me of all the times I had assignments at school and worked hard. When I finally handed them in, this feeling of relief and happiness would flood me. I’d think: I have a life again! And I’d feel like crying.

This is what it feels like after finishing a book.

It also reminds me of when runners finish a marathon. I remember when I did endurance walks and at the end of them I was exhausted and so relieved to be finished. I felt like crying.

It’s something about how an endurance event takes everything out of you and at the end you say to yourself, ‘I didn’t think I had it in me.’ But the fact that you finished tells you that you did have it in you. And maybe it’s that feeling that makes people cry when they finish a marathon.

Writing and publishing a book is like that. You work so hard. It’s all you focus on. And then it’s done. Amazing! You had it in you.

I have so much respect for people who finish writing a book. That takes some incredible perseverance, discipline, passion, and vision. To stick with the journey to the end – that’s incredible. To keep going through the doubt, fear, insecurity, and boredom – it’s a test. And it does something to you in the process. It shapes you.

It’s crazy but I love the book writing journey!

What is the book writing journey like for you?


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