Book Review: Blink by Malcolm Gladwell


Blink is about the part of the mind that processes information and comes to conclusions without us knowing it. It’s about the benefits and dangers of the unconscious mind. It allows us not to get overloaded with information and frees us to concentrate on what’s important. It can also be affected by biases and we might miss what is actually important.

Blink combines stories and research that are both fascinating and insightful. I especially loved the thin slice theory, the Millennium Challenge, and the idea of mind-reading.

My favourite things about Blink:

  1. It’s so easy to read. I was reminded of this when I read it for the second time. I thought I might struggle to get into it the second time round, but the writing is simple, engaging, and conversational. It’s easy-going.
  2. It’s interesting. I loved learning about the unconscious and conscious thought processes of the brain. It made me appreciate the brain even more.

Lessons I want to apply:

  1. Be more aware of the unconscious associations and biases I have that affect my judgement and behaviour. Then try to remove or manage them so I can make better decisions and treat people fairly.
  2. Balance rational analysis with instinctive judgement and trust my instincts more, especially in big life decisions and matters of the soul.


4/5 (Very easy and enjoyable to read with interesting content)


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