Art: Cathedral of Creation

Cathedral of Creation – We are welcome here
Cathedral of Creation – We are welcome here

20th January 2016, Prismacolor pencils on A3 cartridge paper

A friend asked me what my favourite bible story is. The stories of Moses, Esther, Jonah and other famous people went through my mind, but none of them clicked. Then I thought about the story I’d read most and, even though there are no famous people in it, I knew it’s been my favourite story all along.

The creation story.

I used to have an illustrated children’s bible and I loved the page with the picture of swirling stars that went along with the story of creation. I don’t think I ever made it to the end of the book, but I read that creation story over and over again. I was enchanted by it and have been ever since. I learn so much about God, the world, people, and purpose from this one story.

God takes centre stage; he is the main character. Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He’s everywhere. He’s creative and he’s powerful. He creates order out of chaos and he creates dynamic, self-sustaining diversity. He creates people in his image to rule as he rules: for the good of those he rules. He provides for his creation, and it is a very good creation.

This story reminds me that this is God’s world and we are welcome in it to enjoy its beauty and look after it. It isn’t our world; we don’t welcome God to it, but we can enjoy God in it. He is king of the universe and we can worship him anywhere any time. We don’t need fancy temples or extravagant buildings because the dirt below us is God’s and the stars above us are God’s. He comes to us and meets us where we’re at. He enters his creation and is bringing heaven to earth.

I think of God first and foremost as creator because that’s how I first connected with him. I’ll always love connecting with God through creation and creating. We are creative princes and princesses, and we can work with God in bringing heaven to earth.


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