The Importance of Location

In a previous post I shared one of my drawings, Where My Heart Is, and wrote about how I found a place that was made for me.

This drawing helped show me the importance of location and how it can affect well-being.

I grew up in Melbourne and never wanted to leave. It was home, I liked it, it was comfortable. But I always loved going to Queensland for holidays, and I had a dream to spend my days writing on beaches in the sun.

When I enrolled in a Master of Writing and Literature I decided to live my dream for at least two years of my life and studied writing in Queensland.

Within a month of being in Queensland I knew this was the place for me. I couldn’t imagine living in Melbourne again after experiencing Queensland.

I was surprised by how much location affected my mood, thoughts and perspective. I can break it down into 4 factors:


Melbourne winters are freezing. They make me miserable. I don’t want to get out of bed when I’m cold and my fingers hurt and my feet are numb. But when it’s hot and sunny, it makes me smile. It makes feel like getting things done, and I even get out of bed early. Queensland gives me constant summer and it energises me.


I live in a town surrounded by beaches to the north, east and south. Wherever I look there is aqua water. There are lookouts everywhere but just driving around town I get to see the most amazing views. They are part of my daily life, and they remind me how grateful I am to live here. I’m grateful to be surrounded by beauty that always lifts me up.


I’m in a small, isolated country tropical beach town. It makes me feel like I’m in some exotic place like Fiji or Bali where I can relax. It’s quiet and peaceful with no traffic lights or traffic jams. I feel calmer here with this slower pace. It’s my third year here and even though I work and this is normal life now, it still feels like I’m on a holiday or a retreat.


It was like being given a clean slate when I moved towns because I could find myself in a place where no-one knew me. Even though I’d love to see my family and friends in Melbourne more often, I’ve made new family and friends, and I love how I’m discovering there is more to me than I thought. I needed to get away from the roles I played and the safety of home to find a more expansive world.

It was a huge step to move. It was scary but it’s something I had to do and I’m glad I did. This isn’t the perfect town. There is a massive lack in shops, cafes, activities and job opportunities. Moving here makes me appreciate Melbourne a lot more, and I feel so rich having two homes and two families, but I know this is where I need to be to go on my journey.

How does location affect you? 


7 thoughts on “The Importance of Location

  1. Hi, Juni!

    These are like my exact thoughts. I live in New York, and the winters here are normally terrible (In December we had a few 70 degree days last year. Global Warming!). The weather has a huge impact on my mood. If it’s a cloudy, rainy, or cold day I literally don’t want to do anything.

    The atmosphere of the New York City area is fast paced and obviously very urban. It’s not for me. Being out in nature soaking in the sunshine energizes me.

    Some say regardless of where you are you’re still you so moving won’t make much of a difference, but I disagree. I’ve tried to express this to my friends and family, but they don’t seem to get how important location is for your quality of life. You’ve nailed my feelings exactly!

    Queensland sounds beautiful by the way. You’re lucky! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


    1. Wow, that’s so cool. Glad you can relate. I totally get that. I was so amazed at how much weather and location affected me. I noticed it most of all through my writing because my writing is affected by my thoughts/perspectives/attitudes, and when I saw how different they were, I realised it was because of the change of location. A change for the better. Hope you get to live in a location that was made for you.


  2. I instantly knew that Sydney was the place for me, as compared to Melbourne (felt too gloomy) or Perth (felt too empty). It felt like home. I loved the weather, I loved the beaches… I miss it 😦


    1. I’ve only been to Sydney once. Was only there for two days but it was fun. Would love to go to Perth. Would love to see all of Australia, actually – hehe. Do you think you’ll end up in Sydney eventually?

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  3. I’m not sure… I don’t see it happening anytime soon… I was there for about 2 years and I loved it! But it’s not easy to move there (professionally and in terms of visa)… But I would love to live in Sydney if I had a chance… Let me know if you go to Tasmania, haven’t been there yet, perhaps we could visit together 😀


    1. Wow, may I ask what brought you to Sydney? I’ve been to Tasmania once when I was about eight for a holiday. Was pretty cool. The only state I haven’t been to is Western Australia, so definitely want to go there.

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