2016 Goals Update

Here are my goals for the year and where I’m at with them:

1. Read at least 52 books. Stretch goal: 100 books in a year/all the books on my reading list.

Doing really well. Definitely think I’ll surpass last year’s effort of 32 books. I’m up to 22 and, now that I’m getting on a roll, surpassing my goal of 4 books a month.

I’m really loving having my Reading List to help me choose books to read, and I love reading more widely this year. I’m also really loving reading the books I’ve always wanted to read and the books I’ve always thought I should read.

Books definitely inspire me and are good for my writing and life. I used to want to only write and not read, but now I definitely see the value of reading more and I want to read as much as I write.

2. Write descriptions for all my drawings. Stretch goal: Turn it into a book.

I managed to get this done in one mammoth effort thanks to a deadline. I ran a jewellery and art party where I could showcase my drawings. In the weeks leading up to it I was getting up before 7am some days so I could get everything ready.

I’ll hopefully turn the drawings with their descriptions into a book by the end of the year. The only thing is I’m not sure how to organise the pictures: chronologically, by theme, to tell a narrative?

3. Draw my way through the bible. Stretch goal: Read the bible from cover to cover.

I started well with this. Got three pictures done for the first three chapters of Genesis. And then I stopped. Do’h. I still want to draw my way through the bible but it’s going to be a slower process.

New plan to get me reading the bible: I’m going to buy a journaling bible and art supplies for my birthday and get into bible art journaling. I’m going to learn to be okay with the process, because if I can be okay with growing in art, I can be okay with growing in life.

4. Make a journal cover. Stretch goal: Make a journal.

Just waiting until I have enough money to buy a binding machine with wire coils. Then hopefully I’ll be making and selling journals, diaries, notebooks galore. Already got heaps of ideas for journal covers using my art and doing collages.

5. Write and publish a book. Stretch goal: Apply marketing.

Well, it wasn’t the book I was expecting to write but To and From: Mother is published. Woohoo! Still not great at the marketing but going further with little steps.

Not sure what my next book will be, besides the art book, but got some ideas and will just see what comes out.

6. Write and launch a manifesto. Stretch goal: Two manifestos.

Still working on this one. Been chipping away at a Writing Manifesto and playing around with some other ideas. Again, we’ll see what comes out.

7. Be published through a writing competition. Stretch goal: Win an award/competition.

No luck yet but I’ve submitted to 14 places so far and will keep on submitting.

8. Do the splits again. Stretch goal: Do the splits with the other leg in front.

This was the first goal I ticked off. Yay! After some consistent stretching, it didn’t take long to do the splits again. And I’m closer than ever before to doing the splits with my right leg in front.

9. Tick off five bucket list items: Get a tiara, become an Eagles member, have my nails done either acrylic or as if they were acrylic, go to the cinema alone, do the Horseshoe Bay to Rose Bay walk. Stretch goal: be part of a writing group/book club/dance or fitness class.

I went to Zumba a couple of times and then started doing pilates. I haven’t done the other things yet but I did get a tutu and I’ve been en pointe in pointe shoes. I’m determined to go to the cinema alone this year, but I’m not too fussed with the other things on the list.

What I’ve learnt is that I’m going to spend my time and money doing the things that give me a spark. That’s reading, writing, and creating.

I still want to tick off five things on my bucket list but we’ll see what they are by the end of the year.

10. The Sparkle Project. Find myself and follow my sparks (Be myself and do what makes me come alive).

The Sparkle Project was designed to get me focusing on a different category for each month of the year. But again, I learnt that I just want to focus on reading, writing, and creating. So I scrapped the project and just focused on doing the things that make me come alive.

I’m replacing this with a new goal: Send 52 letters. Stretch goal: More than 52.

I love writing and sending letters. I want to send a letter to 52 different people. So far I’ve sent about 30 letters. Let me know if you want one.

What are you goals and where are you at with them?


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