Captivated by Beauty

Beauty is more than words;
Beauty is transcendent;
Beauty pierces me with longing;
Stirs me up, makes me smile
When I put a song on repeat,
When I can’t stop thinking about a movie,
When I’m at the beach,
When I look at a rainbow, a sunset, the stars, a waterfall, a dog.
A dog is beauty incarnate;
It’s personal. It may not speak to you,
But a dog speaks to me
About God, about something more.
A hope. Something good. Something worth living for.
And that matters to me, the symbol of a dog.
The living, breathing, moving beautiful creation of a dog.
When I see a dog—beauty— I see awe.
I’m chasing beauty:
Pointed ballet feet, soft hands, and flexibility,
Photos that do something to my soul,
Music that takes me outside myself.
The colour blue and sparkles.
I have permission to appreciate beauty;
No more being ashamed of loving beauty.

* * *

Beauty has always been something I’m drawn to. My eye looks to it, my thoughts go to it, my heart beats for it. But I can’t explain it. I find the things I can’t explain are the things that are most true. I’m learning not to question these things but to enjoy them.

Here are some of the things that captivate me:

By Amy Heart
This photo by Amy Heart. The colour just grabs me and the simplicity. It takes me away. To some place transcendent.
Another photo by Amy Heart. I just love blue. Blue has me in awe.
Another photo by Amy Heart. I just love blue. Blue has me in awe.
One of my drawings. I've always just loved colour.
One of my drawings. I’ve always just loved colour.

Where do you find beauty?


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