Some feedback for To and From: Mother

Received some feedback for To and From: Mother by one of my beta readersTo_and_From_Mother3 Pierino Gattei (plus some extra encouragement):

“I have just finished Beta Reading your new book. It is fantastic.

There are parts of the book that made me smile and laugh, made me think and meditate, and brought tears to my eyes. There are some awesome phrases in the book.

I think the book is structured consistently with the relationships we have with our mothers, and that is that they naturally progress and evolve emotionally.

Your journey is inspirational, and however you feel about yourself at any given time, remember that you are leaving a legacy that is influencing and changing peoples lives.

Keep sharing you writing and art.”

The eBook is available on Amazon for $5. Just go to your country’s version of the site to access. Don’t have a Kindle? Download the Kindle Cloud Reader for free to read eBooks on any platform.

Or get the pdf version instead. Just send me an email to order:

Or if you’d like to get a free copy in exchange for posting an honest book review on your blog, feel free to email me.


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