Art: Trash to Treasure

Trash to Treasure – Trust the creative process
Trash to Treasure – Trust the creative process

26th May  2016, Prismacolor on A3 cartridge paper

I came to the paper with no message and no plan. I gave myself permission to create. To let whatever was inside come out. To make a mess, make a mistake, and let the drawing just be. Pure expression.

This drawing was all about discovery. Finding out what would come out. And it was all about trusting the process. Trusting that something good would come out of the expression.

The inspiration that got me started was the painting Blue Poles and Monet’s impressionist water lily art. I started with the purple trees. Something simple and flowy. Once the trees were in place, I saw leaves and I knew they were going to be rainbow. Then they just came out as diamond-shaped leaves.

I pictured autumn and decided the leaves would be falling and drew the collection of leaves at the base of the trees. Then I drew the falling leaves. As I was drawing the leaves, I thought about how the trees have jewels and how there are jewels in the creative process. Then I saw that this picture would represent this creative process.

Don’t keep all the jewels in the trees (i.e. don’t keep everything inside). Let them fall (i.e. express yourself creatively). There will be a lot of trash, but there will be gems in the trash. You need the trash to get to the gems.

Create freely, let anything out, persist even when it looks like a mess or you’re uncertain or you make a mistake, and find the gems in the creation.


6 thoughts on “Art: Trash to Treasure

  1. I was really looking forward to the outcome of this drawing from your previous piece and it sure didn’t disappoint me! Beautiful! I like the story behind it as well. This definitely applies to every creative person out there! Great job Juni! ❤


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