Book Review: Unashamed by Christine Caine

My summary:Unashamed

This book is about shame and how to overcome it. We’ve all felt it and it affects us all. This book helps us understand this fact and it gives us practical advice from Christine’s personal journey and principles from the bible to deal with shame. It is a book for women with examples of women who have overcome shame. Many people will be able to relate to Christine’s experiences and many people will learn from them.

What I got out of it:

I love the insight that we can be set free but not be walking in freedom. So we can be a Christian saved by Jesus’s death and resurrection but since all we know is a life of shame, we can still live in that shame instead of walking in the freedom we already have.

Walking in freedom needs to be learned. The Israelites were freed from slavery in Egypt but while they were in the wilderness they wanted to go back to Egypt. The unknown is scary. Freedom when it is unknown is scary. So even though shame feels bad, at least it’s familiar and comfortable.

I could relate to this because sometimes I feel like I can’t be bothered with going to counselling sessions or trying to sort out the issues in my life. Sometimes I don’t care anymore and want to stay the same and just put up with the issues.

The book helped me realise this is because it’s easier to stay in old behaviours that hurt us than to do the hard, scary and painful work of creating new ones. But the freedom is worth it, and the wilderness is where we learn to walk in freedom. Even though it’s painful, confusing, and it feels like we’re going the wrong way, it is the path to freedom.

Jesus has freed us from our shame but unless we deal with our shame and let our wounds be healed, we’ll never experience that freedom. If we don’t let our wounds heal, we’ll continue to rely on our defense mechanisms of perfection, performance, people pleasing, addiction, and hiding. God leads us through the wilderness to bring us out of hiding. It is a preparation process so that we can step into our Promised Land, receive our promises and gain more territory and more freedom.

It’s easy to despair in the wilderness but the wilderness is okay and there will be many of them. And they can come at the most unexpected times when we think we’ve been healed and we’re free and doing fine. We’ll keep learning there are more wounds that need to heal. This is good because each time we face our shame and overcome it, we gain more and more freedom.

This book confirmed for me that we can be saved but still have a broken heart and wounded soul. It makes me think one of the next steps after salvation should be a journey of guided healing and not just discipleship. I didn’t even know I needed healing for years after I became a Christian. But even though I’ve loved and followed God for many years and think it’s an amazing journey, I’ve never felt that true freedom or peace. I’ve been learning it’s because I’ve had walls around my heart due to unhealed wounds.

I used to feel guilty about this and wondered if I wasn’t really a Christian, but this book and Christa Black Gifford’s book Heart Made Whole are helping me know that people can be saved but still broken.

This book further encourages me to face my pain and take it all to Jesus so those walls come down.

One last insight that I’m learning that was brought out in this book is that God doesn’t stop us from getting hurt but he heals us. He doesn’t protect us from pain but he provides freedom from everything.

My Recommendation:

If you’re struggling with unhealed wounds and a broken heart, read this book.

If you’re struggling with perfection, performance, people pleasing, addiction, or defensiveness, read this book.

If you’re struggling with shame, feeling like you’re not enough, and hiding yourself, read this book.

If you’ve never felt free or at peace or close to Jesus, read this book.

I think this book will help you understand what you’re going through, help you on your journey of healing, and help you face your shame and overcome it.

My Rating:

3 out of 5 stars

It wasn’t my favourite book due to the writing style but it was definitely worth the read for the insights about shame and healing.


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