Music is definitely one of my sparks.

It speaks to my soul and moves my heart. It’s transcendent. I’m starting to acknowledge how big a role it’s played in my life.

I love when I find a song that gets me so much that I put it on repeat for days.

My current favourite song is ‘I’m a Mess’ by Ed Sheeran. Soaring notes, great melody in the chorus and pre-chorus. Takes me somewhere else!

My first favourite song I can remember is ‘To Be With You’ by Mr Big.

And my all-time favourite song is ‘If I Am’ by Nine Days.’ I discovered it in year 9 and while other songs are replaced by new favourites, this one has never left me. It’s the one I connect with most, the one that tells my story the best.

At the moment I’m also loving Disney’s ‘I’ll Make a Man Out of You’ from Mulan. It’s my favourite Disney song. Just love how it’s put together. Awesome chorus and I just love how the music drops out to give just the voices and I love it it builds to that soaring note at the end.

I love the music in movies and I’ve always noticed how well music and pictures and mood can go so well together. It moves me. And I love how music in itself just can work so well.

Music = a type of freedom.

It’s helped me when I’m angry, when I’m sad, when I’m happy, when I need to study, when I can’t express myself, when I’m frustrated.

It’s there for every mood. It tells a story. It connects.

Do you love music?


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