Energy Boost

Discovered this lovely blogger and her amazing handmade journals. I bought two of them. This reblog shows which ones I bought. Was so excited when I received them in the mail. I’ve filled them both!


A while ago I was having a low day. I was low on motivation and I was feeling slightly lost. When I got home I found beautiful comments regarding my notebooks from  a lovely fan. It gave me so much energy, it was unreal. She loved my butterfly notebooks, so when I heard her favorite color was blue I decided to make her a personalized one.

The second item is a sketch book. The theme of the cover drawing is a combination of personal favorites. In school I used to doodle flowers during classes. I would get bored and start sketching or I would simply start drawing just because I felt like doing so. I no longer have them, but at one point in time I had piles of flower sketches almost all of them done in pen. The lamp is a representation of an old type of oil lamp…

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