Loving Mother…

Love this post by Claudia Moss sharing some lovely thoughts about her mother, all mothers, and the book I put together to celebrate mothers – To and From: Mother.

The eBook is available on Amazon for $5. Just go to your country’s version of the site to access. Don’t have a Kindle? Download the Kindle Cloud Reader for free to read eBooks on any platform.

Or get the pdf version for $5 instead. Just send me an email and pay via Paypal: wordslike@gmail.com

Claudia Moss

Afternoon loves,

I affirm everyone is enjoying a darling of a day, and if you are in Atlanta, that day may be warm and slightly overcast. If that is the case, remember…overcast need not be gray as in lowered energy or downcast vibes! It’s color, one that goes exceptionally yummy with pink! So bring it to life, same as the gift of your presence in the day!
I’m popping on to share a new e-book in which my words have found a home. This precious little book speaks to the beauty of mothers in our lives. In my piece, I write of my love for my mother, Clementine Young Moss, who transitioned in my youth. And although she left when I was a tenth grader, she had a profound impact on my life. If you should bow to the inclination to explore the work, you may be showered with delight…

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