Who else loves notebooks?

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I’ve been journaling since I was 11 but didn’t become a consistent journaler until I was 21. I now have about 50 notebooks.

I love filling my shelves with them and taking one with me wherever I go.

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10 thoughts on “Who else loves notebooks?

  1. There’s something about a pen and paper that can’t compare with typing on a computer. Being able to write your personal thoughts onto paper is really therapeutic and I always feel calmer after writing. Thank you for sharing your amazing collection of journals! x


    1. I’m journaling more and more on my laptop. I’ve started typing all my handwritten entries so I have an electronic copy. It’s making me appreciate typing them the first time. But nothing beats the pen and notebook.


    1. Wow, I’ve never teared pages (unless it was to transfer them to another book), but I’ve definitely stopped lots of times. I used to have multiple unfinished journals until I got fed up with that and made sure I finished one before I started another.

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      1. I used to tear it up and throw it so no one would read it ! Always felt like my words were insecure in diaries and that anyone could read it and I’d be exposed


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