Art and Writing Resources

Hey all,

Just thought I’d share a few fun resources I’ve found.

If you like Elizabeth Gilbert and her book Big Magic, then check out her Creativity Workshop at Udemy. At the moment it is only $30 as there is 40% off.

Also at Udemy, there is an Art Therapy Course for $15.

Check out other courses by searching for any area you’re interested in.

If you want to write your life story and publish it as an ebook and/or print book, The Life Writer makes this as easy as possible. With over 400 questions divided into life stages, you simply answer the questions, add your own sections/questions to answer, and add photos to create your book.

Even if you don’t structure the book the way they have it set it out, you can use the questions to prompt memories and story writing to craft your book. For $99 you get access to the questions and the software to create the book.

If you’re only interested in the questions to help you write your life story, check out Family Search. It has 52 questions for you to answer that are freely available.

Hope these help and inspire you to write and create.

Are there any resources that you’ve found helpful?


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