Hold your own pain

Carry your own pain work in progress

I’ve got a few drawings on the go at the moment.

This work-in-progress is about holding your own pain. We are only responsible for dealing with our own pain. We can be there for others but we cannot deal with their pain for them. That’s not our job. That’s theirs.

We can want to take their pain away from them and we can feel pain with them, but their pain belongs to them. So let go of everyone else’s box of pain thinking that we have to fix everything.

Take responsibility for our own pain and feel empathy for everyone else.


4 thoughts on “Hold your own pain

  1. Great advice. At the end of the day, I have to live my life and they have to live their’s. The most I can do is be empathetic. And, the art does a great job of demonstrating holding on to your own pain.


    1. Thanks so much. Such a hard lesson to learn but definitely needed because you can crumble under the weight of holding everyone else’s boxes of pain. But also hard to deal squarely with your own pain. But so good to do.

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