Some ideas for how to be part of our book about sexual assault

We have three contributors from the blog world for the book so far. Each has a different story and are from three different countries.

Thank you to these brave girls. They are thankful for this project to help other girls and women, and I thank them for being part of it.

Each of the girls are willing to be interviewed as well, so I thought I’d share the interview questions here if anyone else would like to be part of this project.

You can answer them directly Q&A style or use them as jumping off points to inspire blog posts, your own stories, poems, lists, letters, artwork, etc. that you can contribute to the book.

Answers can be as long or short as you want, and you can be anonymous.

Please email your entries to and include your name, age, and country. Please indicate if you would like to be anonymous.

For more info, check out this post: Working on a new book.

Here are the interview questions:

What experience have you had with sexual/indecent assault?

How did it make you feel about yourself?

Did you tell anyone? Why? Why not?

Did you take any action? Why? Why not?

If you took action, what happened/what did the process look like?

Do you wish you’d done anything differently?

Have you managed to deal with the experience? Have you been able to move past it and if so how?

What would you like other girls/women to learn from the experience?

What would you now advise your younger self?

What do you want people to know about sexual/indecent assault?

How can/could people help/support you best? (E.g. What to say and what not to say)



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