Who wants $52?

It’s that time of year again: I get to donate my monthly $52 to a fellow blogger.

For those who don’t know, in 2014 I made a commitment to donate at least $50 a month to a different charity/cause/person.

The goal is to increase this amount by $1 each year until ideally I’m giving away at least half my income every year.

Since it’s now 2016, I donate at least $52 a month.

For more info on why I donate, check out this post: Donating Every Month

Each year I like to dedicate one month to give to a fellow blogger. Ideally I’d love to support and encourage someone in their dreams and their creativity because that’s something that resonates with me.

So you don’t have to be in need in any way. You just need the courage to accept a gift.

In the past, people passed on the opportunity because they wanted someone who needed the money more than them to get the donation.

In 2014 I gave the money to a blogger so she could give it to her mum to help support her little sister’s education.

Then in 2015 I gave the money to an overseas missionary in need of some extra financial support due to life circumstances.

Who knows where the money will go to this year.

Is there a book you really want? Let me give you the money so you can buy it. Is there a course you want to take? Let me help you out. Is there a dream you want to pursue? Let me support it by giving you some cash to go towards making it happen.

Or if you do have a need, feel free to leave a comment as well.

Anyone who is bold enough to accept this gift, just leave a comment with how you’ll spend the money. At the end of August I’ll choose the one that resonates with me most and transfer the money via paypal. All I need is an email address.

For those who aren’t sure if this is the real deal, check out the where I’ve donated so far:

Looking forward to reading lots of requests, I hope. My love language is gifts so this makes me happy! Don’t worry about looking needy or arrogant; it takes great humility to accept a gift.

And even if your request isn’t the one I choose, it still may resonate with me enough to donate the next month.

So, give it a go. This is for real. Give me a gift by letting me give you a gift.

What would you spend $52 on?


2 thoughts on “Who wants $52?

  1. I currently sponsor a couple of kids whose parents can’t afford to pay their school fees in Nigeria. If I get the $52, I’ll send it to them to be able to get more school supplies. Give those kids the oppurtunity to learn.

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